Oliver Dobbs

Oliver Dobbs Head

Oliver Dobbs (18) is the Deputy Chairman of South West Conservative Future and Chairman of Cornwall Conservative Future. He writes on a range of issues including his party, UK politics and fittingly, as he is a dual UK-US citizen, US politics.

Oliver has recently finished his A levels and will be spending the next year studying under academics atĀ both Princeton and Oxford Universities in the fields of Philosophy, Politics and Economics before going on to study those subjects at university next year.

AskedĀ about his interests, Oliver said:

“I have an interest in promoting compassionate and internationalist conservatism. Being a young Conservative activist, I honour both the liberalisation of markets and enterprise that has enriched the world for my generation and the socially liberal values that I feel need to be embraced with a greater vigour. In my work you’ll find me challenging convention and seeking policy that works in the interests of the British people, and by that I mean promoting British Values. British Values are a concept I believe in and defend – free speech, rule of law and open trade. My comment pieces should inspire you to consider how we best defend these values in an increasingly turbulent world and fractious political climate.”