Cameron Findlay

Cameron FindlayCameron is one of our youngest but also highly talented regular writers. Only 17 years old, Cameron has made his mark as a proud one-nation and centrist Tory.

When asked why he’s a Conservative he said:
“I believe in equality of opportunity and improving social mobility. I am a strong believer in the centre-ground, where I want the Conservative Party to be firmly rooted.

My first experience of the political world was when I campaigned for the Better Together campaign during the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. The majority of my political exposure has been through my articles for United Politics, although I previously ran a political page which amassed over 500 likes. I have been a member of the Conservative Party since I was aged 15 and have campaigned for them at every election since”.

Cameron’s focus area of interest is party politics and government finances, his aspiration is to build a vibrant career in finance or as a parliamentary researcher. Cameron strides to make a big impact on British political life.

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