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Owen Cartey

Owen is a young politics enthusiast, who is currently a pupil at Southend High School for Boys. He joined the Conservative Party in November 2015 after previously being a member of the Labour Party, who had grown tired of the lack of leadership and competence under Ed Miliband and then isolated after the election of Jeremy Corbyn. Despite this change of heart, Owen still holds many of his centrist views, and has carried with him a love of social justice. It is this which has carried his politics forward, and he now regularly campaigns for organisations such as LGBTory and 38 Degrees. All of this when combined with his internationalist approach to foreign policy - as seen by his contributions to the Stronger IN campaign during the EU referendum - and his support for economic liberalism have played a part in him now labelling himself as a Moderate One Nation Conservative. He is now Vice President of Castle Point Conservative Future, and has fought several local campaigns on issues such as housing and the protection of funding for Grammar schools. It's campaigns like these which he believes have the most significance for hard working people up and down the country, and which need to be focussed on if we are to bring the unenthused back into politics. Owen's personal motto is one of great inspiration. forti nihil difficile - For the determined nothing is difficult