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James Hartley-Binns

In 2013 James completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Southampton in Sociology and Social Political Science, before graduating in 2015 from University College London with a Masters Degree in the subject area of Democracy and Comparative Politics. He was first elected a District Councillor in 2011 at the age of 20, at the time making him one of the UKs youngest representatives. In 2015 he was re-elected with a significantly increased majority and is now the Executive Cabinet Member responsible for Health and Leisure on New Forest District Council in Hampshire. A lifelong Conservative, James joined to Tory Party in 2004. A self confessed fiscal and liberal-social Conservative, he firmly believes in the benefits of the free market, the primacy of the individual and the need for a strong but small state. Over the years James has worked as an Election Agent, a Conservative Association Chairman, and an Area Officer for the Conservative Party in Hampshire. James says; "My interests in politics are wide raging. From the reforms of Local Government to the existential crisis of the Left in Europe, I have a broad interest and understanding of the issues facing many of our democracies. Politics is a passion of mine, and with recent events it certainly isn't boring!"