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Callum Wright

I am a 22 year old Homosexual Geeky IT Professional with glasses, working for a big global organisation you might have heard of, named IBM. However, when i'm not nerding out (i.e. working), I write political articles instead. I am a black belt in Karate, so don't even try it on! Just kidding... although it's relatively interesting I suppose. I am a pleasantly passionate person when it comes to politics and I align as Right-wing. Some say I am to the right of the Conservative party, some say I am a little bit to the left of UKIP. I say I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I have been a member of the Tory Party since 2014, but will respect those from all of the political spectrum! I love a spot of Photography, weather dependent of course. Festivals and concerts are my thing, unless it's opera (Yawn!). So that's a little about me, happy writing or reading and here's to politics!