The leadership election of the Conservative Party comes at a crucial time: our Party, and (not to mention) country will face an existential crisis if we get this wrong. But fortunately, the right man has stood up at just the right time, Boris Johnson. He is the only man who can unify our Party and country by delivering Brexit, and hence go on to defeat Jeremy Corbyn. But moreover, he has what it takes to truly deliver for our great country, and restore Britain to its glory days, which is something that the best Conservative Party leaders (such as Margaret Thatcher and Sir Winston Churchill) took real pride in doing, but is something that seems to have been (intentionally or inadvertently) sidelined and negated by some (though not all) more recent Conservative leaders.

It is overwhelmingly the case that at this crucial time, there is only one man who can truly put things right and forge unity amongst our Party and Country.

And the first step to doing so is very simple indeed. That is delivering Brexit. If we fail to do that, we will lose all residual trust in politics. Jeremy Hunt, for all his virtues, has refused to guarantee he will leave on the 31st October. We should have left on the 29th March. But the current deadline is the 31st October. Transcending the first deadline did damage to our Party – but transcending the second could lead to insurmountable damage.

That makes Boris Johnson the only man who can defeat Jeremy Corbyn. He already has the support of over half of all members of Parliament, Parliamentary candidates, and Police and Crime Commissioners. And that is on top of more than 2,000 Conservative councillors across the country. Unity is not some ambiguous and meaningless term of political jargon, corresponding to some empty hypothetical scenario. Rather, this unity is crucial to winning back Brexit Party votes that have held us back in almost all elections in 2019.

With Boris Johnson as our glorious leader, we can start to win again and more than that, we can start to deliver for our country again (something that the Conservative Party was proud to do formerly), and he can return our Party and country to its glory days again, believing, just like Margaret Thatcher, that Britain’s best days lie ahead of her.

But how can we trust him to do that?

Boris has a track record of delivery and sticking to his promises. For that, we just have to look at his delivery as Mayor of London: where he pledged ‘x’, he went on to deliver ‘x + 20’ (he over-delivered in almost every area). He cut crime, built more affordable homes, cut council tax for Londoners, cut tube delays, created more jobs in London, expanded the London living wage, and even improved the air quality. And much more besides. His record in London is one to be proud of. He’s delivered in London, now let him deliver for the whole country.

And even in London, with Boris, having defeated a hard-left Labour Party twice for mayoralty, he is best placed to help Shaun Bailey become London mayor next year.

Similarly, his record in the Foreign and Commonwealth office is one he can be proud of, and showed him to be a respectable and eminent statesman, both at home, and on the world’s stage. He helped expel 153 Russian diplomats after the Salisbury poisoning, and also convinced other sovereign nations around the world to join us in our fight against the Kremlin. And he was also able to meanwhile conduct excellent work promoting the right to education of girls around the world, and started new diplomatic missions.

“Cometh the hour cometh the man”

The hour is certainly here, at this pivotal time for the Conservative Party. And I’m pleased to say that so is the man. He is the man who can prevent the extinction of the Conservative Party, the oldest Party is the world. So I hope you will join me in supporting Boris Johnson, and commending him to the rest of the country and the world.


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