TIG: An Opportunity For Labour


A Split in UK Politics

The Independent Group (TIG) represent a huge opportunity in UK politics. As of writing this, 11 MPs heralding from both Labour and the Conservatives have resigned the whip.

Chuka Umunna, on Channel 4, highlighted the broken politics system we live in. A party system which doesn’t reflect the modern state of politics, it’s unaccommodating to voices outside of the current Lab/Con mainstream thought.

That unaccommodating nature of two-party politics has never been so loudly expressed since Jeremy Corbyn’s election. What was seen by hundreds of thousands of ordinary Labour members, as a day of liberation. A progressive Left-wing platform was finally being put forward in a mainstream party, the hopes and dreams of ‘the many’ put into focus.

On the opposite end, a primarily ‘centrist’ PLP recoiled at the thought of Corbyn becoming leader. The politics of renationalisation, higher taxes, redistribution, free education, and a general shift away from neoliberal free-market economics. This has presented irrevocable differences between the members & the PLP.

Attacks on the Labour membership & leadership have been ferocious. Nazi Storm Troopers, Trots, bullies, racists, loons. Lord Mandelson famously working ‘every single day’ to bring down Corbyn. Jess Phillips willing to stab Corbyn ‘in the front, not the back’. 172 Labour MPs coordinating a take-down of Left-wing politics taking hold in Labour.

A broach church, only if they played the role of the priest at the sermon.

Dangers & Opportunities Ahead

Labour now faces an uncertain future, with immediate changes to the polls, in favour to the Tories. But it also faces an unprecedented opportunity, to form a more united PLP. A PLP where local MPs are backed by their local activists and MPs represent the new politics of Labour.

This opportunity may give rise to charismatic candidates with real talent stepping forward. People with bold new ideas to challenge todays problems, just look at what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing in the US. There’s a renewed sense of hope.

The Labour party has been given the opportunity to solidify their socialist and Left-wing ideals for the next leadership generations to come. If it does, it will pay electoral dividends. Just look at what happened in 2017, the millennial generation demonstrated just how much a Left-wing platform aligns with their values.

Ages 18-19 voted Labour 66% to 19% Conservative.

Those 20-29 voted Labour 62% to 22% Conservative.

Even at 30-39 voted Labour 55% to 29% Conservative.

These voters represent the majority of the working population. From those just starting out, to those who have a family, mortgage, utility bills. A sure sign Labour policy has swung in the right direction.

The ‘Socialist’ Generations

If you think these generations are swinging towards Labour, the upcoming generation, who will begin casting their votes in 2020, are more Left-wing than ever.

Generation-Z recognises the need for urgent action on climate change, being aware of the vast inequality and poverty in the UK and the disastrous Tory calamity that is Brexit. Young adults on the streets already chant “F*ck Theresa May”. The next generation will have no time for dithering on big politics issues.

As the next generation pick up their very first ballot paper, if not already apparent, it will settle in that neoliberal economics has hamstringed their life chances. They will be poorer than previous generations, housing will be increasingly unaffordable, with huge global issues to tackle, and an increasingly elderly population to care and pay for.

Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry, Chuka Umunna claim to spouse a new politics, one that will fix our broken system & destroy Labour. So far all they’re offering is more of the same. Neoliberal political leanings, cuts for big business, belt-tightening for working people. Big money donations from the millionaires and specialist interest groups, now funnelled through tax havens to avoid scrutiny. An appeal to vague values presented on TIG website, indefensible when questioned about in live interviews.

Labour would do well to capitalise on the opportunity given to them by TIG. Labour must consolidate a Left-wing platform, put bold new charismatic candidates to crush the deserters, and to refocus their efforts on putting forward a brave positive vision for the UK’s future.


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