Brexit seems to have bought with it a very gloomy and almost hellish mood in politics and society.  Well apparently, there is a place in hell for brexiteers, according to Donald Tusk. This brilliant piece of diplomacy really does caste a hellish shadow on this whole controversial issue.

Project leader: the Media.

To add to the current controversy of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union is this Project Fear. Now, in any situation it is known the media love a bit of stirring, sorry, constructive criticism. In a situation like Brexit where the nation is so divided, arise golden opportunities for the media. Add this to political games and manipulation, you get a nation on its edge. To add a little extra spice you create an element of fear: introducing project fear.

As per any political situation, there is always an element of scaremongering and enthusiastic claims. This is a key trait in politics to win over the voters. But the scaremongering around Brexit really is just taking the biscuit.

Ring a ring o’ roses… the economy falls down.

The first major claim in this project was by the then Chancellor – George Osborne, who claimed the economy would crash post-brexit and interest rates would rapidly increase. After the referendum the Prime Minister sacked Osborne and the economy has been on a steady rise. Not saying the former caused the latter of course. In any uncertain occasion the economy is at risk, but that does not mean risks should not be taken. In fact, in light of Brexit the Prime Minister had met with many of her foreign counterparts outside of the EU to negotiate deals and pacts post 29th March 2019.

Such examples include the recent talks between the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of New Zealand.  This reflects the days before the UK joined the European Economic Community which saw an end to the trade between the UK and NZ. In fact 50% of NZ exports came to the UK, and ending this trade was described a betrayal and emotional shock to NZ.

It’s just Brexit, not a war.

Further to the above points on the economy, last year the Governor of the Bank of England – Mike Carney, claimed the economy would shrink by 8% in one year should there be a no-deal Brexit. He compared it to the economy during the Second World War, where world economies are naturally hurt. To acclaim such a crash in the economy within one year is making out like the UK is heading towards a war. Leaving the single market of the EU would allow the UK to enter the world of trade (literally the world) on World Trade Organisation terms. By this the economy would see a much smaller hit than what has been predicted by Mr Carney as many have said is absurd. The EU makes up just 28 out of the 195 countries in the world.

For the UK to be free from the shackles of the EU and open up trade with the majority of the world is a sensible move one might say. This will not mean the UK will be unable to trade with the EU, but will be able to trade with many other countries. Many EU member-states will still need to trade with the UK as many of their exports go the UK.  Win-win situation it seems.

If you ain’t talking money, we ain’t talking

A big issue around the termination of the membership of the UK with the EU is money. They do say money is root of all evil.

A major campaign slogan for the leave side was the £350 million that was being spent in membership of the EU a week. For the UK to leave would mean the EU would be at a loss of billions of pounds over the years. Can you imagine the stress being endured by the six-figure salary and pension bureaucrats? How will they be able to maintain such an extravagant wage, at the expense of the tax payer? Not to make any assumptions but surely the top European bureaucrats have a personal interest in not allowing a multi-billion-pound deficit in the EU budget.

So, the £39 billion goodbye gift the EU are asking for is marketed as a necessary sum to be paid. It is acclaimed without paying at least this the international credibility of the UK will be ruined. It is acclaimed the UK will be in breach of international law. This is a fairly large sum, but it is clear the strict liabilities are quite lower than this amount. This money could be going towards the maintenance and infrastructure of the systems in the months after 29 March 2019.

Keep calm and carry on.

Amongst many other claims from Project Fear are the scare of food shortages, fuel prices rising, no Christmas trees and even no medicine. As mentioned earlier, the Government has been working on a post brexit nation for a couple of years now, ensuring deals are struck and the economy is kept safe. The promises from the USA, China, Japan, New Zealand and many other countries will ensure the UK maintains its global power, resources and infrastructure. This amongst other factors such as being a very strong economy with a good national infrastructure, I think it’s safe to say – keep calm and carry on.

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Afzal Pervez, a LLB Law graduate, is a former student politician; holding the position as an Inspiring Future Leader. He led the mooting classes, mentored students in public speaking, political activism and academic skills at his university. He has participated in many legal and political debates around the world whilst encouraging young people to develop and voice an opinion. Afzal is particularly passionate about Human Rights and Foreign Policy. As a UK Young Leader for the US Embassy he is regularly involved in diplomatic work and visits. He is also currently a writer and an independent researcher, producing research on Politics, Theology and Economics.


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