MI6 caught with 700 spies in Ireland



It was recently reported that MI5 has over 700 spies in Northern Ireland, this is up  to 20% of the forces total number of intelligence officers (Daily Mail, 25.01.2019); this represents a huge issue facing this country, not only will many innocent people be spied on in Northern Ireland but also it signals something hugely serious about a potential impact on the UK as a whole if this is too suggest that the Brexit vote may cause political unrest.

As much I can respect the brexit vote of 2016 we can not and should not accept a vote that could have such a huge detrimental effect on the UK that it is causing the security services to be forced to spy on the population and especially with up to 20% of the service being deployed in Republic of Ireland. As far as I can see we have a few options left Options A, B, and C and hopefully I will be doing better than May in getting my points across and getting my choice.

Option A

The first option we have would be to reconsider the border poll or the potential reunification of Ireland. This is one of the possible options we can look at because this is one of the easiest ways to get over the issue of having MI6 spying on our own citizens. The reunification of the North and South of Ireland would also solve the backdrop situation that is plaguing the current political landscape of the UK.

This option has a real issue if the Northern and Southern parts of Ireland do not want to be reunited in which another way of getting around this could be to get a frictionless border between the north and south, this would be able to solve the issue, although there is a significant issue in that we do not have the technology yet in the suitable form to be able to have a frictionless border.

Option B

The second option we could utilise in response to this concern is to have a people’s vote, this has been branded as anti democratic by people in the brexit camp but maybe the answer might be to have a peoples vote between a “soft” or “hard” which could allow for a proper backstop to be used on the Irish border which would keep both sides of the border happy and can reduce the burden on MI6.

This option of a people’s vote could be used to have the final clarification as to what kind of brexit we the people want; this would have also given us a stronger mandate to better negotiate with the EU, which would have helped us out of being in this situation with the EU and the need to be watching various members of out citizens for political instability, as well as ensuring we don’t have a new political uprisings.

Option C

The third and final option that we could use to mitigate the issue of MI6 spying on certain members is to keep calm and carry on; although this issue is not the best way if you value the privacy of our population, and this method of carrying could incite further rioting on the border and the resurgence of the IRA, especially seen with the bombing of the Londonderry court house.

I think this is the best option because although I disagree with the notion of the government spying on the population, in the long term this is going to be the best for the country especially to reconsider the fact that we run a large risk of inciting violence other the brexit vote being overturned, and with MI6 being deployed in Northern Ireland over a potential IRA uprising and in the UK for Brexit means that they would be overstretched and a large majority of potential criminals could be let free.

All in all there is a serious political crises we are potentially are facing in the Irish backstop and a resurgence of the IRA which were famous for the kneecapping and attacking of citizens. I am hoping I speak for the large majority of people when I say we do not want to return to the times of the troubles, just we might disagree on the best way to ensure that doesn’t happen. If we are going to keep MI6 in there then we should perhaps look at re opening some old bases in the North to ensure we can best utilise our armed forces and security services to keep the population safe.

SOURCEJames Croser
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