Living as an autistic person in a country like Britain is very good. I have some basic rights of civil liberty, I can claim welfare benefits and access to employment as I choose, and I am entitled to public services with special access arrangements. In the years that I have been politically active for autism I have found that some people that champion for the rights of autism and other disabilities have got different priorities in helping people. Some of them have secret agendas in helping people like me by destroying me through eugenics.

When I was growing up I didn’t have good services available to help me. Being diagnosed as a child with an intellectual disability meant that you were written off. I hated the system that was making me chronically fearful of my existence and my value. It was so bad that I turned into a self hating autistic. When you get a negative attitude to disabled people in society like that it makes them withdrawn, scared and alone. This creates a belief that people with disabilities and suffering that they should be put out of their misery. However I educated myself and started to embrace my autism and realise that what I was told by teachers, parents and support groups was wrong.

Instead of associating myself with disability charities I associate myself with actual autistic activists. I learnt a lot about embracing my neurodiversity by reading about the strengths, usefulness and abilities of being on the spectrum. From then I started to advocate for autism acceptance and the right of self-determination of neurodiversity. I have my own blog and advocate under the name AC Keeble with one of my banners being The Autistic Conservative.

I follow the blogs of autistic advocates. One them is called Neurodivergent Rebel and has shown me some very good autism lifestyle choices and how to cope with my mental health. I get more positive energy from here than I get from a disability consultancy group. There are stories of amazing abilities that autism has given to famous people like Einstein, Edison, Lincoln, Gates and Newton.

Although I have rights as a disabled person I don’t feel like I have many options in life. One thing that I learnt from the disability culture in Britain and a few other western nations is that disablement is seen from one of two main points of view. One of those points of view is to support the disabled by supporting and providing welfare services to them. In doing this they portray us as pitied pathetic creatures living in hopeless and vulnerable situations. I find this patronising and belittling because it gives a very negative and disgusting image of being disabled. I don’t trust these types of charities because they are mostly run by people who are not disabled themselves.

Disabled people such as myself don’t like it when the media portrays us in this depressing way. Some autistic people are capable of being strong, independent and valuable people. I prefer the other point of view which is often run by actual disabled people who actually live with the circumstances of our culture. As an actual autistic I know what I have to offer people and what I am capable of doing.

I can bring good things to the world that an able bodied person could do just as well. The only reason I am in this situation is because of a lack of power and those charities and welfare support groups tend to make us weak and have no say in our own destiny for ourselves. This unfairly stops disabled people from living independent happy lives. Some of them have even got hidden agendas in their altruist practices. A charity’s intentions are not always beneficial to those they help.

Autism Speaks is a charity that advocates for autism and is run and set up by non-autistic people. In their campaigns they have described autism as a ‘disease that has taken our children away‘. Most of the money they receive is spent on genetic research that involves finding a cure for autism. They have a national public campaign across the world called ‘Light it up Blue’, in which public buildings are lit up in blue light as a ‘beacon of hope for autism’. But the only hope they have is to exterminate autistic people.

Autism Speaks influence has also been connected with the anti-vax movement. In 1998 Dr Andrew Wakefield made a media sensation from a claim that linked the MMR jab to autism in children. This lead to a worldwide hysteria that made many parents refuse their babies the jab to protect them against measles, mumps and rubella. Later it was discovered that Wakefield’s research was flawed because he only used a small number of children and he had been paid by a lawyer who was acting on behalf of someone who wanted to sue a vaccination manufacturer.

Because of Wakefield’s research people are lead to believe that my autism is a disease and that I live with a cancer. Hence why I am stigmatised and left out of certain rights to achieve my own self determination. And of course the number of people with measles has climbed in number because of this pseudo-science promoted by a rogue doctor. Wakefield is now making a living as a celebrity conspiracy theorist.

There are many other forms of eugenics based disability campaigners out there. Some of them are selling fake autism cures which are actually diluted bleach. I’ve seen pictures of autistic children coughing up blood from consuming it. There’s also an autism equivalent of gay conversion therapy called Advanced Behavioural Analysis (ABA). This involves subjecting autistic children to beatings when they display autistic behaviour and then rewarding them when they behave normally. Autistic people who undergo this treatment suffer PTSD later in life and become suicidal.

How is that we in this civilised, disability friendly country that prides itself on civic justice treat disabled people as dispensable? It’s not only hypercritical it’s selective prejudice. I feel absolutely sickened to see such horrible attitudes that people have masked with pity and compassion. If this eugenics movement isn’t enough then consider the so called ‘autism warrior parents’. These are parents of autistic children that think they are special parents that seeking justice by finding cures for their autistic offspring rather than embracing them for what they are.

I am proud to declare my distance from these negative autism martyrs. They try to drown out reasonable voices from the spectrum. Autism is not a tragedy, it’s a superpower to be embraced. One of my friends had her Facebook page shut down for showing how happy she is being autistic, which is believed to have been reported by an autism hating anti-vaxxer. Don’t trust the able bodied to speak up for the disabled. Inequality is a fact of life and we should accept all classes of citizens.

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Charlie Keeble is an activist, writer and science geek. Self styled Autistic Conservative with an interest in minority sports, reading, travelling, science and technology. His work for United Politics as a feature writer covers localism, British affairs, sports and community, autism and social and civil issues. Campaigner and aspiring archer for the Commonwealth Games. Conservative Party member focusing on geeking up the government. Leading to a positive reinforcement of creative, intellectual and advancing ideas for Britain.


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