As we came to the end of a tumultuous year in British and International Politics, an olive branch across our divides is quite possibly the small act that could bring us back from the brink of collapse as a figurehead on the world stage. This is exactly what Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of a re-vitalised Labour Party, did in his New Year’s Eve message.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of HM Official Opposition, shared a New Year’s Eve message with his 1,421,554 followers on Facebook.

Britain: A Broken Country

8 years of unnecessary austerity by the Liberal-Conservative Coalition and subsequent Conservative and Conservative-DUP Governments has forced Britain to it’s knees. Our National Health Service is no longer experiencing a winter crisis, but an all year round crisis as the it’s assets are stripped, it’s staff are driven away and the Tory’s prepare to flog it off to the highest bidder.

Our Police have seen cuts of over 21,000 officers, students are crippled with debt for daring to want to learn, the elderly are left alone with only 15 minutes a day in terms of social care. Are we not worth more than this? 1 in 200 people are living on the streets or in sheltered accommodation and council’s are shipping off the homeless with one way tickets to other local authority areas rather than solving the problem because their budgets have been sliced.

Not to mention the fact that over 2,000 headteachers were forced to march on Downing Street in an unprecedented move to pressure the Government into ending their catastrophic funding cuts to our schools which are having such a damaging effect on the future of the next generation. So, yes in simple terms, Britain is well and truly broken.

So, what did Jeremy Corbyn say in his New Year’s Eve message?

In his message published early on New Year’s Eve, Corbyn highlighted the devastation and inequality that has been left behind as the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland have rampaged through the corridors of power. Naturally, there was a healthy serving of Brexit but there was also refined message of hope, unity and strength.

Eight years of damaging Tory failure has left us with a divided country where millions are struggling to make ends meet, where so many can’t afford a home to call their own, where older people are deprived of the dignity they deserve and far too many are working in low paid and insecure jobs.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party

Corbyn showed strongly throughout, that he understands. He understands the people of this country and the suffering that they have been subject to, and he represents their last remnant of hope that the radical change necessary to rebuild Britain and make it work for them – the many.

Labour is ready to deliver a radical alternative to rebuild and transform our country. We’ll stand up to the powerful few so that the wealth you create is shared fairly not hoarded by a privileged elite.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party

Despite it’s relevancy to the people of Britain, these first segments of his message is nothing that hasn’t been said before. The next part of the video is what truly represents the way in which Labour will change society for the better.

We’ll work to create a society where the talent of everyone is unleashed. That’s how we’ll unite our country.

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party

As the old Labour and Trade Union mantra says: “unity is strength.” In what seems to be a hopelessly divided world, this is the message that has the potential to truly change the country and the world. It is clear that Corbyn is ready to take to the stage and lead this country in a way that it has not been led for a very long time. A government of unity, hope, creativity and radical change. All things that have remained extinct in the UK’s democracy, until now. Labour won’t take us “back to the good old days” – whatever those good old days were – it will take us forward, together.

Corbyn Vs The Queen: Battle of the Speeches

Now, for that inevitable moment that Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas Day speech is dragged into the line up. There was a similar emphasis on unity and the good old British “let’s keep going” attitude, but it didn’t quite have the same buzz.

The Queen’s focus on unity and struggling on through the tough times that austerity has deposited on us, didn’t really come across as sincere. I’m not sure why, it may have been something to do with that obnoxious gold plated piano that she was sat next to. I wouldn’t know, there doesn’t seem to have been too much rage online about it.

So, to conclude, I think it May (pun definitely intended) be fair to say, that Corbyn won that particular battle with his trademark sincerity, understanding and aroma of a mix of hope for the future and homemade Strawberry Jam.


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