The facts do not lie, David Cameron was one of the greatest Prime Ministers of this nation since war-time Churchill.

I know that this is a strange proposition as it is clear that the general consensus, at the time of writing, is so avidly anti-Cameron but this is not because of his failures. This is simply because everyone on each side of the Brexit debate needed a scape-goat for the predicament that the result of the referendum has left the country in. David Cameron was the unanimous choice. The vilification of a man who had done so much good for the country in his term as Prime Minister, only goes to show the brutality of Westminster. There is no doubt that those who label him a ‘coward’ for resigning after the result on 23rd June 2016, would have been labelling him as a leader without a mandate had he stayed on.

This article will display the key points that those in Westminster and the media choose to neglect, of how and why David Cameron was the Prime Minister that the nation needed and why the current situation is NOT simply Cameron’s fault, as they would all have the nation believe.

Calling the E.U. Referendum

Now this is the key argument for those who claim that it is “all Cameron’s fault” but they neglect to accept the fact that this was coming no matter what.

The way that “Remainers” talk about Cameron would make you think that he was the strongest “Brexiteer” in Government, which could not be further from the truth. In fact when he was elected to become Conservative leader he was quoted as openly saying that his party needed to, “Stop banging on about Europe”. This quote is misused by the media claiming that it was a bald-faced lie, which brings us to the key point, neither he, nor any pollsters, genuinely thought that the British public would vote to leave the EU.

With that fact in mind, why would he therefore not call for a referendum? In doing so he would quash the voice of the right-wing of his party and steal votes from the “Euro-Sceptic” party, UKIP. The media and politicians, again, purposefully misinterpret this as displaying his arrogance and how out-of-touch he was with the people he was meant to be representing. However, put simply, if all you hear from experts and political analysts is that you cannot lose then it would have made no sense for him to not to have put it into his manifesto.

There is no denying that the support for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU was gaining momentum, displayed by the emergence of UKIP and also the two Conservative Private Member’s bills for a EU referendum which Cameron and the Liberal Democrats fought off during the coalition. Due to this, had he not have called the referendum one would have been called anyway within the following few years, therefore it is simply wrong to blame Cameron for the EU Referendum occurring. The fact is that Cameron fought harder than almost any other politician for the UK to stay in the EU, something which the leader of the opposition (who is the leader of a famously pro-Europe Party) did not.

A great Prime Minister

David Cameron was one of the finest Prime Ministers this country has ever had. Without him and the other believers of “Compassionate Conservatism”, the country, like many others across the world, could still be attempting to revive its economy from the 2007 World-Wide Recession.

Something that most of the people who hate Cameron simply do not understand is what this country would have been without his terms as Prime Minister. Austerity was not, as some hard-core Corbynites would suggest, a choice which was taken by a money-hungry, horrible, Tory government. It was, in actual fact, a necessary evil to make the country’s economy recover, decrease the crippling debt and make it more prosperous for all. Both governments under Cameron were the most liberally-minded Conservative governments that have ever existed (admittedly this was in some part down to the coalition with Nick Clegg’s, Liberal Democrats). The government, under Cameron passed progressive laws such as the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, which brought forward the liberal consciousness of the nation. This happened alongside the remarkable economic recovery and massive decrease of debt induced by the Cameron government.

These successes, both social and economic, had never been experienced together under a Conservative government before and many people choose to forget that, without such a liberal-minded Conservative leader like Cameron was, it is hard to see how this would be possible.


David Cameron occupied the centre-right of the political spectrum – he believed that the economic models of the Conservative Party were the only way in which to successfully run the country but also believed that this did not mean that his government had to neglect their responsibility to forward the liberal consciousness of the country. This, is not the same type of Conservatism which the back-benchers, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, represent and this needs to be made more public to those who are not so politically minded.

Cameron is used as an example of exactly the type of person we do not need in Government but the reality is a complete contradiction. David Cameron was a great Prime Minister who deserves far more respect for achieving what he did and there needs to be more people who know how good he was for the country to come out and tell the public, otherwise we may not see another, true, “Compassionate Conservative” government for a very long time.

The country needs more David Camerons in government, not less!


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