Social media has become hostile to the views of conservatives and other people of a right wing nature. Those most likely to be affected are the far right and citizen journalists like Britain First and Tommy Robinson. But there are also the moderate voices of conservativism like the Conservatives, Republicans, UKIP, nationalists, Brexit supporters and western identity groups. All of which rebel against the liberal elite, socialists, Labour, liberal entrepreneurs like George Soros and Richard Branson.

I got told by a Jewish friend about one of her fellow Jews getting banned from Facebook for a month after he spoke about Labour’s antisemitism. At this moment there is a hostile attitude towards the Jewish community with Jeremy Corbyn’s negative attitude creating Labour with an image of a national socialist party.

This said person was banned after he wrote ‘to an anti-Semite the only good Jew is a dead Jew’. Facebook, Twitter and several other social media sites are censoring many conservatives and those that speak uncomfortable truths. Whatever this vendetta that Facebook has to keep the peace on it’s website by ignoring reality, it can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

That is a shameful judgement from a collectivist organisation. Some people within the alternative politics and right wing scene are calling for a boycott of Facebook and Twitter for shutting their accounts or censoring free speech. But I have a better idea that depends on constructive thinking and requires creatives to make it work. I think it’s time that political groups started to realise that their voices can still be heard outside of these social media giants.

As a child of the internet age I grew up when the world wide web came online in the 1990s. What I saw was a growth of a new industry that could connect people right across the world and bring total strangers together to share in each other’s interests. The first social media sites were centred around home computers with websites like Friends Reunited, Myspace and MSN messaging. Later computing devices became more personal and more mobile leading us to access the internet on our laptops, phones and tablets. This led to more creative and communicative social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. When they came along people started to document their personal lives online and they became more expressive than ever before.

However in these recent times the internet companies have become a battleground for free speech and expression, access to information, civil rights and liberties. One way to look at it is in the context of the individual against the collective. As a tech geek I can see the potential for these websites as a tool for bringing together. But in order to achieve that Facebook has to keep people in harmony with each other by making the users of the site happy and peaceful with each other. But that removes freedom, like freedom to express oneself even if it is negative. It’s like a form of control whereby people are controlled by inflicting pleasure.

If social media represents collectivism according to it’s agenda, then where does that leave individuality? If a person expressed something that goes against the company’s community guidelines then that makes it hostile to that type of person even if it’s true.

Recently there has been a decline in the number of users of Facebook and Twitter with some people becoming annoyed and fed up with the way the company operates. Not just with censoring conservatives, but from mining other people’s data, not acting on trolls, allowing certain types of hatred towards certain groups and like my Jewish friends shutting down truthful statements regarding political debates.

I have had my own fair share of hatred and dislike towards me on Facebook. I have seen examples of ableism towards me because of my autism. One post that I saw was an argument describing neurodiversity as a cancer. I have also seen propaganda of junk science for autism ‘cures’ which are not real and yet they are still being allowed to be shared online. It’s so sick just to see this bias that is unfair to an individual that social media just becomes an instrument of judgemental liberal people who hijack other people’s use of words.

I think it’s time that the social media monopoly from the big companies was broken up. If this current situation with the social media networks being biased against conservatives continues then many people will desert them in droves. Facebook operates as a worldwide community of people creating their own presence online to connect with people.

How about if programmers and web developers of a certain political ideology help people to break away from them. Perhaps companies like PragerU, Brietbart and CRTV can develop their own social media sites that represent conservatives. Or any people and communities of different types forming their own social media sites. I joined a social media site for book lovers last year called Good Reads, which allows people to share their reading habits and log their reading progress online. It works separately from Facebook but you can share to Facebook from it. The advantage of this system is that you can have a social media site of one type of subject and if a secondary social media site dislikes it and deletes it you can keep your social media online on a different site. That saves you from being censored.

Despite Facebook and Twitter’s attempts to connect the world’s people, eventually their monopolies will be broken. Millions of people will retreat into smaller online communities that will be free from the threat of censorship. That will mean that freedom of speech and expression will be upheld in the values of a democracy.

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Charlie Keeble is an activist, writer and science geek. Self styled Autistic Conservative with an interest in minority sports, reading, travelling, science and technology. His work for United Politics as a feature writer covers localism, British affairs, sports and community, autism and social and civil issues. Campaigner and aspiring archer for the Commonwealth Games. Conservative Party member focusing on geeking up the government. Leading to a positive reinforcement of creative, intellectual and advancing ideas for Britain.


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