The next London mayoral race will create many surprises; one of which is the breath-of-fresh-air-candidate for the Conservative party nomination, Andrew Boff.

Let him know what you think at his upcoming event. Tickets are Free – just click here!

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Under Sadiq Khan, crisis after crisis, problem after problem has marred our nation’s great capital. Khan’s policies, and indeed some of those left to him by his predecessors, are aged, ineffective – and are failing miserably.

His strategy on housing speaks for itself. A series of gaffes leading to little to no progress in the first year of his mayoralty have now triggered a frantic race of desperation to try and come as close as possible to the target that he originally set. Boff has called this out prominently, saying that Khan supposed successful record is a result of “Cooking the Books“.

Property tycoon Richard Tice has also said Khan’s record is built on (excuse the pun) “dodgy data“.

Boff, whilst Khan is intent on demolishing office blocks to create flats (such is his ‘progress’, there are still people working in these office blocks), wants less #CrowdedHouses and #NoMoreTowerBlocks. Quite rightly, he wants to provide quality housing for all. A commission for house building, under Boff’s plans, will help with this – ensuring that corners remain uncut. In Boff’s words, it’s a #SprintNotAMarathon.

Young people need this more than anyone else. As someone who will turn 19 years-old in less than a week, I know that it is impossibly difficult to find somewhere affordable to even consider moving into. Boff’s support of a market-based solution to drive down prices of social and private rented accommodation is a very appealing one.

But, sadly, young people know how it feels to be let down by those in power. Broken promises and a lack of success under Khan is an all too familiar situation.

Disproportionately affecting young people, gang-related crime is a big problem in our capital. With stabbings up 23% at the last count, young Londoners are facing desperation in some circumstances, with even Khan himself admitting that the situation is “not good enough”.

When will this change?

Well, it changed for the worse at the last mayoral election. Let’s swing the pendulum back again.

Cities are a brilliant place in which for young people to live. They’re the centre of everything, with something always going on. London never sleeps. But our fantastic capital, with massive opportunities for young people, is hindered by problems caused by underbounding. This is the practice of burdening a city with more cramped borders, reducing the economic footprint.

Boff wants to change this. He wants to lobby the government to extend the boundaries of the Greater London Authority, to give London a vision for the future.

Including the commuter belt would bring us back into line with other great, global cities. In 2016 Paris inplemented the Metropole du Paris, enabling it to better compete with its counterparts.

We need to move forward with our European partners post-Brexit, compete with them and increase our connections with the world. This is a brilliant way in which to coin a positive future for our young people.

One of the most important things for young people has to be transport. We were all hopeful that Sadiq Khan would follow through on his promises to cut travel costs.

But time has passed, and regretfully only some fares have been frozen. None of which are for travelcards. As a young person who owns a travelcard in order to be able to get to work every day, rising prices have shown that Khan’s promise has been broken. Again. He has decimated the finances of Transport for London, putting it on the verge of bankruptcy.

All the while, the current mayor has been on a crusade to cut tube adverts which he and not many other people deem inappropriate, rather than encourage investment in an organisation with crippled finances.

In a normalisation of common sense and creative liberalisation of transport policy, Andrew Boff wants to boost sponsorship on the tube once again, to avoid the disaster of advert censorship. Rather creatively, he wants to break up TfL into its operational and investment businesses in order to increase cost efficiency.

Innovation is at the forefront of his plans as well, with one of his policies being to accelerate the introduction of driverless trains and expediting the move towards a 100% diesel-free bus fleet.

Less costs means cheaper fares – which overly-abused, demoralised customers are desperate to see.

Young people stand to gain a lot from a Boff Mayoralty. But that’s not all.

In the same way that he is promoting increased direct democracy in London, rather than continuing with the current system of sham consultations, he wants to hear from YOU!

You can tell him what you think at a Youth Q&A Event – Click here for tickets. It’s Free!

No tickets left/Can’t attend? No problem – Watch it live on Facebook and ask questions from home!

That’s why #ImBackingBoff. Everyone, especially young people, deserves a change.


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