On the Andrew Marr Show, Sir John Major told us: “Well it’s possible the Earth is flat, but not very likely”, referring to the dubious possibility that Brexiteers might be right that after no deal, Britain will be better off. It is not far from the truth to describe the hard-line Brexiteer MPs as blindly ignoring anything that contradicts their ideological post-Brexit vision and dismissive towards any facts laid out before them.

As if we needed to be reminded, the last two weeks have made it even clearer that the Conservatives are making an utter mess of Brexit. The Chequers’ Agreement has been trashed on all sides, the Commons descended into chaos on Dominic Raab’s first appearance, David Davis has run for the hills and Boris Johnson once again put his personal ambition ahead of our national interest.

The PM is so weak that any Brexit deal is doomed to fail. Nothing exposed her Government’s desperation more than the cheap decision to break a pairing arrangement with my colleague Jo Swinson, on maternity leave with a 3 week old baby, to win a crucial Brexit vote.

As recess begins, Jeremy Corbyn also deserves an invite to number 10 as a thank you for keeping the PM in the job over the last 12 months. It’s utterly depressing that Labour’s frontbench continues to vote with the Conservative Government at nearly every opportunity.

It’s also astonishing that Brexiteers keep pressing the Government to prepare for a no deal Brexit but then accuse the Government of Project Fear 2.0. Food and medicine shortages, the possibility of deploying the army to carry out civil duties, mass queues at Dover and flights not being able to take-off or land in the UK:

Is it still the case that no deal is better than a bad deal in the Tories’ minds?

Over the summer the Liberal Democrats will continue to fight to stop Brexit. We’ll do this by demanding that the people – not politicians – are given the final say on the Brexit deal, including the option to remain in the EU. Our cause is gaining momentum with each passing week. We welcome Justine Greening to this movement and the Independent as the first major national newspaper to back giving the people the final say on the Brexit deal.

I urge people who want a country that gives our young people the best opportunities in life, that works with our closest neighbours to tackle global issues such as climate change, and that has a thriving NHS, to stand up and make their voices heard. Your MPs will be in your constituencies. Contact them and demand a final say on the Brexit deal.


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