Exit From Brexit and Save Britain


In human nature, it is a basic human prerogative to change one’s mind therefore in a democratic, fair and open society the public should be allowed to change their minds. In the light of new evidence that confirms that the Brexit vote was obtained illegally which in turn is undemocratic and not the will of the people (as over 80% wish to remain in the European Union), it stands to reason that the public should be given the opportunity to have a second referendum which includes an option to remain in the European Union to save the country and to save the British people from having their democracy, civil liberties, freedom, rights, jobs and health care system being stripped from them and to prevent further pain, suffering and poverty upon those who are most vulnerable. The law does not come custom made, it is one size fits all and should be enforced. The Majority of the British people now want to remain in the European Union statistics have shown. Brexit is no longer what the nation wants. As human beings in a democratic society, the British public is entitled to change their minds and should be given the chance to do so. The tables have turned and the British people are now seeing the lies and fabrications that the Brexiteers told them.

Brexit is an attack on our sovereignty. The proof of this is the fact that the man who led us to victory during the second world war and has become a hero, Winston Churchill, was a founding father. He knew that the European Union was the only route for the prosper, stability and success of Britain and its people. He knew that the European Union would serve Britain and it’s people well. This alone is enough to tie our sovereignty to the European Union. The European Union is not just about money because Britain pays less for their membership in the European Union than any of the other member states. Margaret Thatcher negotiated that Britain would pay half of the membership fee to the European Union but we still get all the advantages that the European Union have to offer except for being apart of Schengen agreement and not being apart of the Eurozone. Britain also gets money returned from the European Union as part of this agreement negotiated by Margaret Thatcher.

Some might say that we Europeans are counterparts or neighbours. I see it another way. I see us as friends, friends who look out for each other despite our disputes and stick together. A friend who come to each others side when one or the other is in trouble, friends who sometimes disagree but still maintain their strong friendship, friends who have each other’s back and do not turn their back on them when they are going through a difficult time. Friends do not turn their backs on one another when they are struggling. Friends stick by each other through thick and thin, they do not judge each other, they support each other and work as a team to help each other and provide compassion and care to one another. We never turn our backs on friends. That is true friendship. We are connected and we are all one. We are all human. We are bound together by a shared desire for peace, democracy, freedom, civil liberties, integration and unity. We are friends, we are a family, united for years and should remain united because we are stronger and better together.

There are some misguided people who believe that nationalism is patriotic, who believe that they are the same thing. To be nationalist is not to be patriotic. It is a hate for anyone different to you. It may be presented differently but it is still discriminatory and hate-driven. Nationalism is not patriotic. Patriotism is what our country, our European continent is today. Patriotism is freedom, democracy, unity, integration, civil liberties, rights and peace. Patriotism is the welcoming of all people no matter what their skin colour is, no matter what religion they believe or not believe, no matter what gender they are, no matter what sexual orientation they are, no matter what disability they have. Patriotism is blind to all those things. Patriotism is the love of one’s country and it’s people so much so that you welcome others to come and enjoy it just as you do, welcome them to love your country, welcome them to love your culture and way of living. It does not close the doors and isolate and discriminate. Nationalism is fascisms, division, war, and destruction of our beloved country. I am not someone who believes in the hate driven, divisive, undemocratic, destructive, nationalism that some would fool you to believe was in your favour.

Hatred, anger and fear do not solve anything, it only further serves to destroy everything. Anger and fear are not rational emotions. You cannot make rational decisions while feeling angry and afraid. As Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said “Have no fear of the future. Let us go forward into its mysteries, tear away the veils which hide it from our eyes, and move onwards with confidence and courage” The Nationalists do not wish to move forward they wish to move back to a time that never was and to a time that is dark with no future for anyone. Let us not let them win. We are united. We are strong. We are one. The European Union is the future, not just for us but for our children too.

It is abhorrently unacceptable that this illegal act upon our nation led by xenophobic, discriminative, individuals such as UKIP and DUP is even being entertained. This goes against everything Britain stands for. This is undoing all the great and honourable work that many men and women died to prevent and died fighting against. Many men and women have died for our freedom, democracy, civil liberties and to end discrimination yet the minority of fascists are trying to undo that work and take us back to a dark time when there was no freedom. They wish to dishonour and undo all the hard work that our country’s heroes have worked so hard to achieve. This plan needs to be stopped. It needs to end for the greater good of our country and its people.

History is there not to be repeated. We must know history so that we can learn and grow and never repeat the errors of the past again. It seems to me that these people who wish to destroy us do not know the first thing about history or politics and insist on repeating the errors of the past despite how destructive it will be to our country and its people. We will not let a small group of fascists strip us of it. Those great heroes will be turning in their graves with shame, disappointment, frustration and disgust because of this Brexit. It is not what Britain stands for.

If you are walking home and you take the wrong turn you automatically set on a path to find the right one and when you find the right path you walk on that path. You do not continue walking down the wrong path.

The European Union protects us and gives us our freedom, democracy, ensures justice is fairly served, gives us our rights, preserves peace, and allows us to function to our full potential while also protecting the environment around us as well as us. Remaining in the European Union will protect us and provide us with a fair, open, tolerant and united society.


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