Welsh is a language that isn’t widely spoken throughout the world, and a majority of Welsh people can barely have a simple conversation in the language. However, a national identity isn’t just what language its people speak or what colour their flag is. To me a national identity is your history that makes you look towards the future as an united and strong people, and we the Welsh have a strong history and the desire for a strong future.

Our language was destroyed through Anglicisation and it is nothing short of a miracle that it still exists today. Luckily our language escaped extinction, and we won the fight to save it. However today, the Welsh people are losing a fight that will destroy an extremely large part of our national identity and history – the names of our beautiful landscape, villages and towns.

The best example of this is the renaming of our Llyn Bochlwydd, a lake in Eryri, or Snowdonia in English. Llyn Bochlwydd is a lake with an ancient story of a grey stag which was being hunted in the area. The story describes how the stag was fortunate to make a miraculous escape from rabid hounds and the arrows of hunters by plunging into the lake. The stag held its grey face above the water and swam to safety. There is no moral to this story, like many ancient tales, or any message to be taken away, like the story of Llywelyn ap Iorwerth and Gelert. However, it is still the name of the lake in tribute to that stag.

This story of the stag is why the lake is called Llyn Bochlwydd as Llyn means ‘lake’ and Bochlwyd means ‘grey cheek’. It’s a lake that truly historic and truly Welsh. However, many maps and books will no longer call this lake Llyn Bochlwydd, it has a new name!. The new name doesn’t tell a story, it is simply called ‘Lake Australia’ because it looks like Australia.

It is totally unacceptable for any self-respecting nation or people to accept the renaming of what is theirs and what makes up their history. The reason why this lake has been renamed to ‘Lake Australia’ is because English tourists complained it was difficult to say and they didn’t like it. Are we the Welsh to be so bullied that we will accept the destruction of our names to please tourists?. No, any nation that has an ounce of respect for itself would refuse such a crime.

Wales has always somehow managed to be a servant to the English establishment, and this has escalated since the 1950s. Liverpool City Council and Westminster even flooded Capel Celyn in Wales. despite 35/36 Welsh MPs refusing to accept this bill. As a result, 48 Welsh people lost their homes and village in order to supply water to Liverpool and the Wirral.

The solution to saving Wales is independence from the UK. There is no alternative or compromise to this solution. The Welsh people are the only people who can govern Wales and reverse the murderous Anglicisation. The renaming our own villages, landscape, neglect of our language and the rejection of the tidal lagoon are all examples of why Welsh nationalism is the saviour of Wales and the Welsh people.


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