There is a new political party in town, a centrist political party but here is the catch it has no name.

Last month there has been an announcement that there is a new centrist party in British politics which it has claimed already has £50 million in donations ready to use, but does the UK need another party especially a centrist party and if so, who would actually support it.

We have seen all of this before and very recently too, let’s look to the French presidential elections of 2017 where just over a year before the elections the now president of France Emmanuel Macron launched a new party called En Marche! (Forward!) claiming that it will neither be on the left or the right of the political spectrum.

After leaving his cabinet position with François Hollande and announces his bid to stand as a candidate he is shunned by commentators who give him little to no chance of success but he could not have chosen a better time to choose to create this party. If you look to the right where the conservative party sits Francois Fillon is the French conservative candidate but many moderates within Les Républicains consider him to be too far right on economic and social policies not only that he will soon be engulfed in a scandal involving a fake job for his wife.

Things are no better on the left either under Benoît Hamon who won the Socialist party’s presidential primary which divided the currently ruling party with former PM Manuel Valls endorsing Macron for the presidency.

So just after months of mystery, just like this new party, macron unveiled his presidential mandate which appealed to both social progressives and business leaders alike which allowed him to leave his opponents lagging behind and his real only challenger being the leader of Front National, Marine Le Pen, we of course know how it ends, Macron is now president.

Now reading through that must sound all too familiar with the current state in British politics, you have the right being the Conservative and Unionist party tearing itself to pieces over Brexit, social policy, economic policy and the same with the left of politics too, the labour party.

The Labour party is currently finding itself also in an identity crisis with the old left taking the party too far left which is making the moderates of the party such as Yvette Cooper, Chuka Umunna, Elizabeth Kendall feel very isolated and that they cannot identify with the party anymore.

In the Conservative Party, you have the likes of Kenneth Clarke, Nicky Morgan, Anna Soubry who are again very centrist and are at odds with the majority of party membership and its leadership.

So, when the question is asked will a new centrist party get MPs? I do believe that it would be possible when you look at the MPs vocally against their party’s direction both left of the spectrum and right of the spectrum, but here is the thing is that such a bad thing?
If their MPs left the left and right parties in the UK it might actually freshen things up, not so much for a new party to come and take a hold of the reins of power that will never happen, look at the Liberal Democrats and UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) our political system only ever seems to let parties like these get so far.

The reason it will freshen it up is that it will drain the swamp of the people perceived to be trouble causes by the elected and the electorate, it will allow the Conservative party to go to its core routes not worrying about having to please everyone and the same for the labour party, neither party would have the trouble of party rebels holding the parties hostage to their differing views.

Now I am not disagreeing that difference in opinion is not good for a political party you never want to create an echo chamber but having MPs such as Nicky Morgan who for me as an old conservative member who I did view as a Blairite who would have fared well within Tony Blair’s cabinet, when the question is asked, will a new centrist party get new MPs, I think it would.


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