How Good Of A Gage Do Local Elections Results Offer?

2018 Local Elections


On Thursday 3rd May local elections will take place across England as the public go to the polls to elect their local councillors.

It is arguably a decision that has as much as of an affect on your daily lives, if not more as a general election result would have.

However with turn outs in each area of the country usually at a much lower level than that of a general election, the question must be asked how much can we actually Gage from the results of local elections across the country?


Well really when it comes to 2018 results, it will be more of a case of looking for results in the key battleground areas with London being an area to particularly keep an close on with every borough council seat is up for grabs.

The Kensington and Chelsea constituency result at last years general election, came as a surprise to many of us and so the battle between the Conservatives and Labour here will be a good indicator to see if a Labour surge is still at large here. Will the Grenfell tower tragedy have any bearing on the results against the Tories here? That could also come into play.

Could we see a revival of sorts for the Liberal Democrats, they have had some very good results recently in local by elections especially against the Conservatives and have hopes of inflicting more woes on them by taking control of Kingston Upon Thames in May.

For parties in government mid term elections are historically a struggle, so the Conservatives will be expecting a type of net loss overall here but how large or small the number is will be a key indicator for them, if remarkably they come out with a net gain then the other parties are really in poor position ahead of the next general election.

The key for the Labour party will be, taking control of as many London councils as possible as well as there performance in the midlands with any gains in the Tory strongholds in the south of England would be a real feather in their cap.

The UKIP Vote?

The UKIP vote will again be spread across the other parties in most areas of the country, with the party fielding a far lower amount of candidates than the previous time around and the Conservatives will be aiming to pick up far more of these than they managed at last years general election.

In terms of the overall picture, you can expect are sort of status quo with Labour being strong in the North and the Conservatives controlling the majority of the South.

A Tussle In The South West

The South West region, will once again be a battle between the Tories and the Lib Dems with a sign of a fight back for the Liberals here a real possibility and something that Vince Cable’s party will be keen to see if they have any hopes of returning to their previous heights of 2010.

It shouldn’t really be any bearing here but the various parties positions on Brexit policy, could also show some hidden signs here although it is a national issue rather than a local one it may still swing some vital votes.

So how much can we Gage from the results of local elections? It really depends on what those results are maybe a lot or maybe nothing at all, but one thing is for sure we will have plenty to talk about and digest come the morning of the 4th May.


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