A rising star in the current wave of new Conservative Politicians is Ben Bradley representing the town of Mansfield he has quickly risen through the party ranks as a driven campaigner and activist especially when tackling the many varied issues facing young people and being only 28 himself he believes he has an insight many politicians do not.

“My frustration has always been with, you know, some 60-year-old grey bloke talking about things that are going to affect people who are 18 to 24”

However he has not only been a campaigner on youth issues but an atypical convert from “Reluctant Remainer to confident Brexiteer

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Bradley on the subject of Brexit and his vision for a post EU Britain as well as his opinions on the current state of the negotiations.

Speaking on his vision for a Britain outside of the EU Bradley had the following to say:

“So I think there’s two aspects. First we need to leave, and leave properly. That means exactly what the PM has said – out of all of single market, customs union, free movement, European courts. That’s what my constituents tell me they expect, and I think anything less is not leaving. That said, and we need to be very clear about this, we want to have the most positive relationship possible with Europe going forward and maintain the openness and opportunities that came with it as much as we can. A simple way of organising travel and working abroad should not be hard as these days even VISAs are a quick online application, and obviously the best access we can get to trade. It’s in everyone’s interests to get these things right.”

With his vision in mind and the clear obstacles we would face as a nation trying to achieve it with an ever growing hostility towards the UK from the EU Bradley put his thoughts on the current state of May’s negotiations as follows:

“I think that it’s arguably the most difficult thing any Government has had to do since WWII and so things are never going to be smooth, but we’re getting on with it. The date is set, the transition is coming together, we’ll get on to talking trade and making sure it works. Not everything is agreed yet and the transition, by its very nature, will take time to get to an end point we’re all happy with but actually I’m increasingly confident that we can come out the other side in a good place.”

Ben has spoken frequently on his confidence in the UK post Brexit and his vision outlined above particularly for a Britain open not just for business but for a strong positive relationship with our European neighbours, this desire for an open Britain is particularly welcoming given the rise of protectionist rhetoric and populism on both sides of the debate.

Whether Bradley’s vision can come to pass, only time will tell, here’s hoping he is right.

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