There is something very strange happening in politics at the moment, the left is fighting each other and the main proponent of the left, the labour party destroying itself from within. Now I can hear some of you going well the right is in no better state and that is true the conservative and unionist party who fortunately for them are the only sizable home for any right-wing person is also destroying itself from within.

With both major parties veering so far from the center ground and more authoritarian by the second, normal every day voters, very centrist in their views don’t feel like they have a home, someone representing their views anymore and I am one of them, but I may have a possible solution to all of this.

I have always aligned with the libertarian ideology even way before I was aware of what politics or libertarianism was this was inadvertent, throughout all my life at secondary school I was not one of the cool kids, I did not fit in with the cliques who liked football or the latest fad although I always secretly enjoyed not fitting in it made me feel unique and very individualistic, saying that I was never one to follow instructions and rules I believed to be ridiculous and very controlling which always landed me in detention when I would question the very reason behind such facetious rules, a nerd and a bit of a rebel go figure.

It was not until I turned 15 did I start to take an interest in politics and you would never believe who sparked my very first interest in it … The one and only Nigel Farage, his speeches in the European parliament blew me away, he spoke with such passion, defending individual freedoms, freedom of the state from heavy bureaucratic control … another like-minded libertarian in my opinion. I joined UKIP as a young member on the back of what I had read about the controlling European Union, but it would turn out that whilst the poster boy Nigel Farage was true to his heart and the libertarian ideology the rest of his party was not which I became to discover very quickly.

My local branch of Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire was not libertarian by any means, it micro managed absolutely everything, the chairman was a dictator who refused to step down when he was voted out by the general membership and if you stood against him he was very good at turning everyone on his side to disable the threat to his position of power … trust me I know, I was the threat to his position, even at 15 I had the courage to stand up against dictators of any kind, but it was not meant to be. I resigned my membership in less than three months.

From my brief but very colourful time in UKIP I joined the conservative party because like everyone else in my position I felt like there was no other option. I would never join the labour party not even under Tony Blair because it was still authoritarian socialism.

Under the Cameron years everything was going good for me, the conservative party had a leader which did not believe in heavy government control and to quote “One nation Britain” it was a very liberal time in the conservative party. His proudest achievement should be the equal marriage act as a libertarian for me it struck such a perfect tune … individual freedom to choose how you want to live your life and of course the European referendum, power to the people and allowing a simple yes/no vote for all people on whether we want to remain in the EU or not.

As of the 28th of February 2017, I resigned from the conservative party as a member. I had toyed with the idea for some time Theresa may has managed to alienate libertarians from the last possible homeland in the major political sphere and one policy in particular … the internet porn age verification law. Now with a name like that it doesn’t sound threatening at all, it just sounds like I’m raging about having to give proof of age if I so choose to watch it, which I am saying now on here I don’t.

The implications are deeper than that as that specific rule is being introduced in a much bigger bill called the digital economies act which would also give a democratic government for the first time ever the power to block any website, en-masse, without a court order. Jerry Barnett, the founder of campaign group sex & censorship “Although this appears to be just about protecting children from porn, it isn’t. It will block any site that doesn’t comply with strict UK content rules.” The verification which is being developed by mindgeek and its called AGEID, the idea is that you create an account, your details are checked by a third-party system then AGEID will log which pornographic websites are visited and store them … and what could go wrong with that.

There is hope though and it does lie in the in the ideology of libertarianism. It’s an ideology which I believe can unite both the left and the right under one common cause … smaller government and individual freedom. Myself as a right-libertarian I am always going to be economically conservative believing that the market will always set the tone and the freedom of choice will always prevail, I believe in private ownership and seeing the fruits of your hard labour but I can also appreciate and dare I say even agree with some socialist thinking’s … still help your fellow man in a time of need … the original welfare state of 1945 I think would be perfect, championing equal rights to a degree, making sure that no one is disadvantaged because of a defining group but not actively discriminating against one person to help the other which is what I think is happening at the moment.

I have joined the Libertarian party UK as of the 29th of February 2017. A new chapter in my politics. Lets see what happens



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