One of the most debated and talked about subjects in modern politics and philosophy is abortion, almost everyone has an opinion on it, even if they aren’t remotely interested in other aspects of philosophy. However, being such a well-known topic, it was inevitable that there would be a blur between fact and fiction as the issue grew in prominence, and, in recent years, this has hugely benefitted the ‘Pro-choice’ community, an overwhelming majority of millennials now see abortion almost as a cultural norm. Society has forgotten what this act involves, and it has slowly become just another form of contraception. In this article I will try and provide you with a ‘Pro-life’ perspective on the subject.

First off, there is a huge stigma surrounding the anti-abortion community that you must be Pious to support this motion, but, as a 16 year old agnostic, I can confirm this is simply not true. I believe abortion is wrong not because a book said it was, but because I don’t agree with killing babies. ‘Babies?’ you say. Yes Babies.

Of course, I cannot make a statement like that without scientific justification, so I ask you to tell me when does the ‘bundle of cells’ become a child?

When it comes out the womb? Then answer me this, how does the uterus lining magically turn a few cells into a highly complex independent organism?

Perhaps you think it is when it takes its first breath? If you believe this you wouldn’t have a problem with taking a baby out the womb, holding its mouth so it is unable to breathe and killing it, after all it is not alive?

Perhaps when it begins to give off brain waves? Using this logic, you wouldn’t have a problem with pulling the plug on a person in a coma that you know one day will once more be conscious. We consider people who are in the unconscious state to be alive, so why not unborn babies?

What about when the heart starts beating? At this point the baby can have a different blood type to the mother, so perhaps this is a logical point. However, this starts at 22 days into the pregnancy, long before a woman shows any sign of carrying a child, making it pretty much impossible to abort prior to this.

Now that I have tried to persuade you that abortion is in fact killing a baby, I think it is important that I make it clear that I do not judge those who have had abortions previously, as I feel that society has been fed false information about what is really going on when you abort a child, and in the large majority of cases the woman is unaware of the horrors of what she is actually doing.

A large amount of the responsibility for this culture becoming the standard is because of the jargon used to describe an abortion. The most common way to refer to abortion is ‘terminating a pregnancy’ however this is not the real truth and it is only covering up what is really happening, as they are in fact ‘terminating a life’. Furthermore, In recent years it has almost become socially unacceptable to state that you are pro-life, as the general populous now believes that it is fundamentally a woman’s right to abort a child, after all, it is her body isn’t it? This is, in my opinion, the weakest argument I have come across, 50% of the time the child in that womb is a girl, I highly doubt she would give consent to have her life ended with a method that cripples and tortures her. The truth is, It should never be anyone’s right to kill someone, so why is abortion still legal?

Whenever you say you are pro-life, you will be bombarded with questions like ‘What about if the woman was raped? Or if it was incest? Or if it would kill her? ‘ in truth, I believe this changes things, in any of these cases I believe it would be appropriate to have professionals assess the situation and decide if an abortion is necessary. However, the intent of these questions is not truly to find out what you think, but to try and justify all other cases. Studies show that in the UK less than 3% of all abortions are due to these reasons, trying to justify all abortions by looking at a meagre 1 in 33 cases is frankly outrageous.

I hope this article has provided you with a fresh perspective on the debate, and that perhaps any pro-choice readers will reconsider what they are really supporting. If you do have any other questions or wish to further debate the subject, feel free to comment below and I will be more than happy to engage in conversation.


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