British engineer and inventor Sir James Dyson spoke recently about how optimistic he was for Brexit Britain. In an interview he said that Britain was in a strong position financially and creatively and that we could walk away now and have the EU come to us for a deal. He believes that they are making unreasonable terms for trade deals with Britain. Dyson was one of the few scientists and engineers who actively supported Vote Leave in the referendum. I was also one of the few science geeks who supported leaving the EU and I used some of Dyson’s ideas in my campaigning.

As it stands the EU has a vast number of regulations and practices for the engineering sector. These rules cover the creativity, innovation and usefulness of those creations and methods. Dyson pointed out that his electronics company has had to deal with bureaucratic and stifling competition with German company Bosch which also makes products very similar to his.

The EU has backed his rivals with their regulations on certain issues with those said products. In the case of vacuum cleaners, like what Dyson is famous for, the EU has set targets on cutting carbon emissions by allowing vacuum cleaners of a certain amount of power they use. He even tried to put some suggestions to the decision making process but the EU were biased in favour of his German rivals. This unfair advantage is causing economic suicide for British engineering.

But the rules of creative developments in building things isn’t the only problem. These shackles on the abilities of the engineers and inventors are putting graduates off working in Britain. Much of the economic development in Britain is focused on giving minorities and working classes the social mobility to elevate themselves rather than investing in the usefulness and practical abilities needed for the economy. This is what led to Dyson setting up his own university – the James Dyson Foundation.

Dyson found out that 60% of engineers that work in Britain come from outside the EU and that 90% of postgraduate students in British universities are from outside the EU. When I was applying to university there weren’t that many science courses with practical applications of building and creativity. Some universities don’t seem to acknowledge the demand for certain skills and workers of a certain field.

This isn’t acceptable when they should be doing a civic duty to fulfil the needs of the country’s interests. This only goes to show that the politically correct nature and neo-liberal bias of the academics are stifling creativity. Even after the referendum some universities are still continuing to spout anti-Brexit propaganda and devaluing higher education.

Dyson believes that we can walk away from the EU right now because we are in a very strong position. The terms of the deal that the EU is trying to convince Britain to take are unreasonable, and are just as difficult as they have done with other countries for their member states. I would like to walk away right now because it would be better to deal with a customer who is happy, rather than a stubborn and difficult one.

Some pro EU businesses fear that the tariffs that the EU will put on Britain will mean a high cost on the export of goods. One of these are for the development of cars where they are partly built in places across the continent. Mini for example have their cars built in Oxford yet the company is owned by BMW in Germany and they have 40% components built in Europe. However Dyson pointed out that export tariffs are put on finished products, whereas component parts are duty free. So we can still do continental business without the need for a trade deal and every British car won’t be sold without the body panels or the engine parts.

Sir James Dyson recently announced that he was developing an electric car company of his own. This car according to Dyson should be in production by 2020 and if so then it may be instrumental in the eco-technology sector, which will be vital for the time that Britain bans the petrol car. There are plans for the cars to use new solid state batteries which are more energy efficient than lithium-ion batteries. They are quicker to charge, have a higher energy density, they are cooler while operating and are more powerful. This may be a step forward that will put us over the EU dominated science sector in Europe.

As far as our creativity will go the strength of British geniuses will ensure that we will succeed in going beyond Europe. It’s not just the tariffs we should be concerned with, it’s also our ability to achieve greatness. Business people succeed when they have a strong positive mental attitude with bright ideas. That mindset is something that Sir James Dyson has and with it he and others like him they can build something stronger and much more useful than what Europe’s floundering economy is worth.

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Charlie Keeble is an activist, writer and science geek. Self styled Autistic Conservative with an interest in minority sports, reading, travelling, science and technology. His work for United Politics as a feature writer covers localism, British affairs, sports and community, autism and social and civil issues. Campaigner and aspiring archer for the Commonwealth Games. Conservative Party member focusing on geeking up the government. Leading to a positive reinforcement of creative, intellectual and advancing ideas for Britain.


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