In this last week, the situation in Catalonia has worsened. What is the future of Spain and of Catalonia, and can sanity be returned to the debate taking place?

This podcast, recorded on Monday 30th October 2017, we discuss likely implications of developments in Catalonia known so far and what it could mean for independence and the road ahead.

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On this episode Phil Myth and Simon Schofield discuss:

– Developments on Monday 30th October 2017
– What intentions may be in order to resolve the dispute
– Likely outcomes for Catalonia’s desire for independence
– Implications for Britain’s Brexit discussions
-Implications for the EU on a wider level


  1. I see catalonias bid for independence as a symptom of people feeling disenfranchised from government which will probably spread across europe as the eu seeks to rule all.
    Ignoring you’re own people only leads to revolution.

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