This week we have seen two stories come to light. First was the reading of the bill in Parliament for the reduction of EU migrants after Britain leaves the European Union. The second was that of a girl artist called Hetty Douglas from Newcastle who shared a picture of a queue of tradesmen in a McDonalds restaurant mocking them with the caption ‘These guys look like they got 1 GCSE’. The connection that I draw between these two stories explains how the vast number of EU migrants are working in Britain in conventional working class jobs and why the native school leavers like Hetty Douglas are snubbing them.

A long time ago I was told what to think of the certain types of jobs that I could go into as I was about to leave school. Around that point in time Tony Blair was in power and he wanted to see to it that at least 50% of school leavers went to university. Before he came along there was a perception that university gave you a elevation in social status and wealth. Back then just 28% of school leavers went to university while many others went straight into work and they were mostly working in low skilled and conventional working class jobs, plumbing, taxi drivers, tradespeople, secretaries, cooks, waiters, etc.

In order to encourage university applications the government and the higher education sector changed the character of universities. First they introduced tuition fees so that the universities had the money to set up the courses, then they started to market their universities not just as higher education but as a lifestyle option like a club 18-30 holiday package for three years. As well as indoctrination with political correctness that still runs in some schools they also used scare tactics within the schools to make them think of what kind of significance their future careers would give them. I remember in my own school I was told that those of us who choose to work in a pub or go to work with our parents then we’d be in dead end jobs where we’d be likely to end up in poverty with no future.

This explains why many school leavers ended up becoming job snobs. It created a new kind of class prejudice between ordinary small business workers and academically superior graduates. Hence why the EU became a big source of labour for the hospitality sector, building trade, catering and retail sector and office temps. But at the same time it also gave graduates a lack of direction and unrealistic job goals. Of the universities that they went into a majority of them went into mentally unchallenging courses that didn’t require practical application like media studies, sociology, fine art and geography. The so called ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees.

Many school leavers who went to university ended up leaving the job market vacant and unfilled. Many years ago when I was an active jobseeker I looked at what these EU migrant workers had that made them better suited than the British workers. As it turns out their education system isn’t prejudiced towards class and they don’t associate what kind of work they do with their intelligence. Some European farmhands who work in the fields have got degrees and went in search of jobs on the grounds of an honest wage. I had some European friends at one university who were juggling their studies with several odd jobs working in the university café, gym reception and union shops.

So in solving the problem with giving preference to British workers once there is a cap in place on EU workers we need to fix that association of class and restore pride and value in an honest job. We might dislike a certain type of job but it’s not a death of dignity or a sign of your place in society, but an opportunity. An opportunity to better yourself and find a purpose with passion. For this kind of philosophy to make Britain thrive post-Brexit we need to invest in making schools teach children to think creatively, innovatively, critically and independently. Invest in their passions and focus on what is required of their future careers and what it means to be useful, not spoil themselves with privileges and liberties.

When I was campaign as a Vote Leave activist I used creativity and innovation to show how Britain could be independent of the EU, not just a dislike of the EU and resentment of collectivism. Many Remainers called Leavers racist, but racism isn’t the only form of prejudice. There is also class prejudice that they have towards the ordinary person. Painting the picture of them as stupid and backward. They have prejudice towards the common worker whom they don’t realise that usefulness to them where they eat the food they grow, drive the cars they build, drink the beer they brew, sleep in the beds that the common person used his hands to weave together to give people a good nights sleep.

Graduates should not take their qualifications for granted like liberal snobs. Take a look at the hard work and effort required for the input into the economy from a fisherman and an office worker. The office worker has a desk and a computer to work with and coordinates the operations of files and folders throughout the company. The fisherman however has to contend with going out on the high seas risking his life in storms and gales to bring home the cod and salmon for a tasty fish and chip supper. The practicality and usefulness of an ordinary worker is highly prized which renders an office worker insignificant when you need to eat.

Before New Labour and Blair made school leavers snobbish towards common jobs they were not as boring as they are now. They were very valuable and had a great effect on society that made everyone happy. Besides before Blair came along it was Margaret Thatcher who eliminated class barriers to wealth and prosperity. She gave the common man the freedom to make his business independent of state control and become just as rich as a graduate even without a qualification to your name. Blair just created a new kind of class barrier where getting a fancy qualification and extending your schooling with an impression that it would you would make £50’000 a year straight out of school. That doesn’t include a good worth ethic or the right kind of qualities that an employer would want.

By the way it might interest graduates who are now leaving university and going into the world of work what of jobs they are likely to get with their degrees. According to a report from Prospects the career destinations of their degrees are not quite what they are expected to be. Around 60% – 70% of graduates are in jobs not directly related to their degrees. A majority of them are working in working class jobs and having to hide their degrees.

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Charlie Keeble is an activist, writer and science geek. Self styled Autistic Conservative with an interest in minority sports, reading, travelling, science and technology. His work for United Politics as a feature writer covers localism, British affairs, sports and community, autism and social and civil issues. Campaigner and aspiring archer for the Commonwealth Games. Conservative Party member focusing on geeking up the government. Leading to a positive reinforcement of creative, intellectual and advancing ideas for Britain.


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