Brexit Britain: Are we ready to unshackle ourselves?


EU chief negotiator Michelle Barnier claims that Britain isn’t ready to become an independent nation once again. While saying this he decides to pluck random figures from thin air to add to his self-created “Brexit Divorce Bill”.

The truth is that the European Union owes Britain hundreds of billions of pounds from membership fees, financial assets and breaches of our constitution.

There are six very clear tests that must be followed to ensure that the will of the British people is fulfilled. These are the red lines. These must be carried out or we will have seen a betrayal of Britain, once again. I do not expect the Conservative Party to actually deliver on leaving the European Union. In name, yes, we will leave. Do you expect us to leave in practice? I don’t. If they do deliver, then I will give them credit where it’s due. I really do hope to be proved wrong.

The red lines are very straightforward and were superbly outlined in a UKIP policy announcement back in March, just prior to the triggering of Article 50.
You can find them here

1) The Legal Test:
Britain must once again be a sovereign nation. We must no longer be under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice; EU law currently takes supremacy over British law. This must end and the power of the law-making decisions must return to the British Parliament. Parliament is elected by the British people which would therefore allow the return of sovereignty to the British people. Any agreement where we are still subject to a foreign court cannot be accepted.

It is quite astonishing that we always congratulate other nations on their new-found ability to take control of their own affairs. There is a nonsensical suggestion that in Britain we are somehow unable to cope with this. We are more than capable of being a self-governing, democratic nation.

2) The Migration Test:
Britain must regain full sovereignty over our borders. We must no longer be subject to the free movement of people imposed on us by the European Union. The only way that we can ever have a fair, balanced migration policy is if we can control who comes into the country, something which we currently have no power over. We cannot plan the provision of healthcare, school places, the number of homes that need to be built or any other issue while having a completely open border. We have seen wages, in particular for low skilled workers, supressed through an oversupply over labour in the economy. This has caused the poorest to have their take home pay and standard of living fall in recent years.
It is also only fair that all those who wish to come to Britain go through the same immigration process. It is completely wrong that those from the other 27 “EU countries” have a first-class access system to this country while those from outside the EU must go through a much more rigorous process. We ought to ensure that everyone goes through the exact same process by introducing an Australian style points system.

3) The Maritime Test:
Britain must reclaim full control over our fishing waters. This is a great industry of ours that has been completely decimated by the European Union over many decades. We will see a revival in our fishing industry by taking back control of our own waters, which stretch up to 200 miles into the North Sea. This will make prices cheaper for consumers, increase employment and see the resurgence of one of the nation’s great fishing industries. This is a fantastic opportunity to boost our economy and is one that we must take advantage of, once again.

4) The Trade Test:
Britain must be able to negotiate and sign trade deals with other countries once we have left the European Union. This right to sign our own trade in such deals will see us run ahead of the European Union by joining the emerging markets of the world. We will also be able to remove mandatory tariffs on goods from non-EU nations. EU protectionism has increased prices in Britain for many years while also ensuring impoverished nations remain that way.

For example, Germany makes more money from coffee than all of Africa. The EU forbids the importation of fully processed coffee. This means that only the raw coffee bean can be imported and then the processing happens once inside the EU.

We need to embrace new and emerging markets, remove tariffs and reduce regulations. The EU has done the opposite to this for years and its inability to negotiate trade deals with nations is clear for all to see. The EU has not managed to agree a free trade deal with the United State or China but miniscule Iceland has its own free trade deal with China. Britain is one of the largest economies in the world and we are more than capable of negotiating on our own behalf.

We will also regain our seat at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). This will give us much greater power and influence on the global stage. We will once again have a voice at WTO meetings and when it comes to setting new policies. We are currently forbidden from attending WTO meetings as an EU official does it on our (and the other 27 EU member states) behalf.  This madness needs to end.

5) The Money Test:
Britain does not owe the European Union a penny. There is no legal basis for any Brexit Divorce Bill with the idea being plucked from thin air. It’s a constant tactic pushed incessantly by remoaners and the BBC to guilt trip us to staying in the European Union, because British dared to vote the wrong way last year. We are leaving the EU and the establishment are desperate to stop us doing this. We are the first to leave and the EU are desperate no others follow suit. We have been a cash cow for the EU for so long. We have paid in around £200 billion net in membership fees over the years and we have many financial assets that belong to us which ought to be reclaimed.

They have breached the British Constitution on many occasions too, we could make financial claims for this too.

Once we have left, Britain should no longer be contributing to the EU budget. We have been throwing money down the drain for too long and have many areas of concern at home.

6) The Time Test:
Article 50 was triggered on Wednesday 29th March 2017. We will have left (officially) by the end of March 2019. This will be nearly three years since the vote to leave. We must not allow any parts of the negotiations to be left in limbo past this period. This will create uncertainty and will leave the door open for us to remain shackled to the corpse of the European Union. We must fully leave and this must be done as soon as possible. Britain did not vote to leave to keep free movement, EU financial contributions, EU legal sovereignty or any other erosion of our great nation to continue. We voted for change and to become an independent, self-governing, democracy once again. This must happen as soon as possible. The deadline is March 2019 and no excuses will be accepted for the betrayal of the British people.

Theresa May, David Davis and the rest of the Conservative Party the ball is now in your court.


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