Right, this is the situation so far for the Liberal Democrats, we have 4 more MP’s, a decline in vote share and a new leader with Party conference coming up in just over a month. For Liberal Leavers though the change in the leader hasn’t seen a change in attitude when it comes to Brexit. This has lead me, a harden Brexititer to feel angered and annoyed at the state of mind the top of the party has.

This is because they are still sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting remain remain remain! They believe that Brexit should be reversed and will not provide a clear picture of what a Liberal Brexit would look like but telling the electorate that they are wrong. This is the fundamental reason why we didn’t make any real impact in the number of MP’s that we have, the decrease in vote share and the losing of seats in the North West of England ending with the losing of Nick Clegg the former party leader from parliament.

If we put forward to the electorate a Liberal version of Brexit, one in which would appeal to both leave and remain voters then we would’ve got the 3 votes needed to win North East Fife, the 350 votes needed to win St Ives and maybe of got a few upsets to win seats like North Cornwall or North Devon.

But to the people in my party and voters who would feel like Vince Cable’s “Exit from Brexit” speech spells the end of wanting a Liberal party to provide a Liberal Leaving idea of a United Kingdom unshackled from the chains of the European Union do not despair. The voting public will be crying out soon enough after they see the Tories running off with a hard line version of Brexit, which will economically damage the United Kingdom and change the image of the country from been an open place where anyone can come and live a decent standard of life to one where the British people look hateful of anyone who speaks in a funny accent of has the wrong colour skin or practise the wrong type of religion. They will see the Labour party doing what the Labour party always do and backtrack on pie in the sky polices, as we have seen with them backtracking massively on scrapping student loans and “dealing with” the excising debt that current graduates have. They will also see the Labour Party been controlled even more by hard line Socialists and Communists whose main aim and focus is the illumination of the Capitalist system and the plunging of the United Kingdom into impoverishment and starvation.

As such Vince, Jo and the rest of the top team will have to sit up again in the national interest and lay out a proper fully fought out version of Brexit and a way in which the country will move successfully forward from the current situation. Then the British public will vote for us in their droves as the only party to be economically credible and trusted for Brexit.

So I say don’t press the button to leave the party, when you’re at the ballot box in the elections and by-elections in the coming months and years think who is best to provide economic prosperity and maintaining a good image of the United Kingdom during the Brexit negations and after we have left and stay with the Liberal Democrats or vote Liberal Democrats in the mainland of the United Kingdom or Alliance Party in North Ireland.


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