Back in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn, triumphant in the Labour leadership election, decreed from the stage in his victory speech that he would introduce Britain to a “New, Kinder Politics”. Well we have certainly seen a new, nastier type politics. Anyone on the left who believes he has created a “kinder politics” is either blind to reality, or just plain ignorant. Since the rise of the hard left in British politics, we have seen a parallel rise in abuse, nastiness, and dirty campaigning. Seemingly being directed against all other parties standing in the way of Corbyn’s socialist Venezuelan dream for Britain.

It seems that although many, many centre-left and left-wing activists are thoroughly pleasant and honourable people, the ugly face of militancy, which has laid dormant since the 1980s, has once more gained prominence in the mainstream left and the signs of its dirty work is becoming ever more obvious each week.

It was apparent soon after the Grenfell fire tragedy that radical political groups and the hard left were openly and obviously attempting to make the fire a party-political issue rather than any meaningful focus on the victims of the fire. This form of disgusting, dirty and disreputable politics carried out by a small Marxist minority on the British left is best personified by the storming of the Kensington council offices, where we saw protesters wearing shirts emblazoned left-wing political slogans or, in some cases, shirts promoting Jeremy Corbyn’s fan club, Momentum. How occupying the council building, and thus disrupting the council’s attempts to organise and deal with the aftermath of the fire, was helpful to the relief effort for the Grenfell victims is anyone’s guess.

We saw how Corbyn and those on the hard left were quick to condemn the Conservative Kensington Council and the Government, with some going as far as to essentially inferring blame for the fire laid with Theresa May. Now the dust has settled following the tragedy, and high-rise blocks are being inspected nationwide, Corbyn’s hypocrisy has become even starker! With the failure of tower blocks in Camden, a Labour run authority, and according to the BBC, the council having not maintained fire doors properly, Corbyn can no longer make Grenfell solely the Tories fault. And yet the omnipotent Labour Leader still seeks to point score in the Commons despite many Labour run authorities high rise blocks also failing fire safety checks. A more prudent example of doublethink I cannot recall. The fact he seems only to condemn Tory councils, but not his own, goes surely in the face of his mantra “A New, Kinder Politics”?

The hard left and some of Corbyn’s follower’s hypocrisy in the aftermath of Grenfell only exacerbated as the days wore on. The ensuing ‘Day of Rage’ again shows the true face of “New Politics”. Ironically, Corbynites and the left decry the state of our beleaguered emergency services under the Conservative government, claiming them to be at breaking point due to austerity. Now, there is a legitimate argument to that point, it is not an unreasonable view to hold. The issue with those who spout “Austerity!” as the cause for all problems is their contradictory behaviour. If the emergence services are stretched to the hilt and on the brink of collapse as Corbynites claim, then why did many activists on the left then decide, to hold a “Day of Rage” which could potentially lead to violence (The leader of the left-wing group which organised the day failed multiple times on Julia Hartley-Brewer’s radio show to distance herself from any violence that could have ensued) and thus required the police and ambulance services to be starched even further to monitor this pointless virtue signalling?

The General Election was another example of where ‘Kinder Politics” certainly didn’t shine through, I cannot remember an election so dirtily fought and with so much nastiness hurled by some supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. Conservative and Lib Dem signs vandalised, Tory cars keyed and seemingly activists of all parties other than Labour verbally abused. In some constituencies, there was targeted bulling of candidates left-wing activists, Sheryll Murray being an obvious example in South East Cornwall, the indignities she suffered were truly awful. Anyone who dared share political posts endorsing any idea other than radical socialism on Twitter or Facebook would find themselves lambasted by the Corbynite keyboard warriors, cowards who hide behind childish usernames and hurl personal and sometimes violent abuse at anyone who dare have an opposing opinion. While I have a thick skin, and couldn’t care less what people say about me on social media there are many people who are more seriously affected by such malice, I can understand why many people are reluctant to be involved in politics and why increasing numbers of people quit Twitter.

But solace that can be taken from the fact that Corbynism’s wave has reached its peak, the loony left is celebrating its third defeat in seven years like it was the victory of 1997, showing delusion behind Corbyn and his disciples. If this is what they call a success then what do Corbynites see as a failure? From a more historical view the picture for Britain’s left is even bleaker, Labour has not come close to winning a General Election since 2005. Even with all the dirty campaigning the hard left engaged in, combined with one of the worst Conservative campaigns in history, Labour was still unable to make significant ground.

Now, in the aftermath of the election the ruse that was “A New, Kinder Politics” will be dropped, and the true face of Corbynism will be paraded before the British electorate, who being a wise people, will see it for what it is and reject it at the ballot box come 2022.


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