Corbyn’s Conundrum:

Saturday 24th of June was National armed forces day. Honouring those who fought and continue to fight to keep the people of Britain safe. As is customary many parades were held across Britain to pay respect to these heroes, the main parade was in Liverpool this year, seeing some of our countries most important people, including the Prime Minister, attend to talk to our armed servicemen and women, thanking them for their services to the nation. However, the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, was absent doing some far more important business than attending the parade, at Glastonbury festival.

Yes, the proclaimed ‘people’s prime minister’ was incapable of paying his respects to our country’s bravest and most honourable citizens because he was bathing in his own pride some 200 miles away in Somerset. Although being invited numerous times to the event the leader of the opposition turned them all down. I feel this is displays the egocentricity of Jeremy Corbyn at its peak. After Corbyn announced that he was unable to make it to the parade in Liverpool to be in Glastonbury, a soldier wrote to him, asking him to attend a parade in Burnham-on-sea, just 15 miles away from the festival, to honour those in the Armed Forces from the Somerset area. He could have quite easily attended the parade before making a 15 minute speech at Glastonbury, yet he failed to attend this also. It later became apparent that the reason he was unable to do attend was because he was ‘pulling pints’ for the crowd members as they were chanting his name.

However, Corbyn was kind enough to post a photo on his social media to honour the occasion, the only slight problem was that the photo was 2 years old and taken at a Remembrance Day event. Many now feel that this reflects his attitude towards the celebration fairly well. Although he wants to appear as if he cares so he doesn’t lose popularity, he cannot in fact be bothered to do anything to thank those who are serving, not even get a new photo with them.

In many people’s opinions behaviour like this is not acceptable for a potential leader of the country. A lot of Labour supporters are saying that Corbyn is a peace maker, so should not celebrate armed forces day, but this is quite honestly sickening. No matter what you think about war, these soldiers would die to keep us safe, and deserve our utmost respect for being so brave, dismissing this highlights Corbyn’s attitude perfectly… If what they are doing does not align with exactly what he thinks, he will dismiss it as unimportant, with him as Prime Minister this could only lead to destruction of our democracy.

This is not the first time Corbyn has shown lack of respect to some of the most respectful people in the country. For example, he has refused to bow to bow to the Queen on many occasions, whilst this is often put down to his anti-monarchy beliefs, to me and many others it represents that he thinks he is above the Queen on status. Yet his legacy includes events such as almost breaking his party and losing Labours 3rd election in a row.


The Media:

However, some of the blame can be shifted to the media, left wing papers have headlines talking about Corbyn’s great speech at Glastonbury, yet few have stories about armed forces day, this day is not about political affiliation. It is about celebration of heroes across the country, and the least you can do is mention that somewhere in your paper the day after the event.

Perhaps even more disturbingly, our national broadcasting company (BBC) had disproportionate coverage of Corbyn’s speech compared to Armed Forces Day. This has angered many people, taking to social media to stress their concerns, saying they do not pay TV licenses to fund promotion for Jeremy Corbyn etc… And although many Corbynistas will say that the BBC were just covering Glastonbury, I can wholeheartedly guarantee that there would be protests from Labour party supporters everywhere if the BBC were streaming a 15 minute promotion of the Conservative party on prime time television.



Jeremy Corbyn’s actions this weekend have highlighted some of the most promenant problems he has as a leader, his narcissism has been demonstrated through choosing to be praised by festival goers rather than praise far more deserving servicemen, and he has demonstrated narrow-mindedness through refusing to go to an event applauding heroes because of his own beliefs surrounding war….


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