Jeremy Corbyn is the enigma of modern politics, and now it’s inevitable he will win the next general election.

Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘far’ leftwing views were deemed outdated, and too extreme to be palatable to the public when he seized the leadership role in 2015. Labour heavyweights, the mainstream media and a seemingly strong and stable Conservative government battered the Labour party for two years. Labour was down to just 24% of voting intention (Con 48%) – triggering a snap general election.

The Conservative party ran a presidential campaign attempting to ditch the toxic Conservative brand in favour of Theresa May and her team. The gravitas of Theresa May and the image of an unelectable Jeremy Corbyn perpetuated by the media was designed to overshadow the short election period. Unfortunately, reality started to seep through the cracks in Theresa May’s visage; she is a cold awkward human being, who refuses to engage with the public. A ‘strong’ leader unable to face even Corbyn in debate. The manifesto was dubbed the worst in modern history by critics exposing the Conservatives lack of new ideas and vision to take the county forward.

Measured against expectation Labour took last week’s election by storm. Labour piled on +30 seats against a crippled Conservative party dropping 13 seats, losing their overall majority.

Labour lost. What do you mean a Labour majority is inevitable?

Momentum (small ‘m’) is on Labour’s side, a look back to the change in voting intention during the election campaign extrapolated would have seen Labour form government if the election campaign had lasted just another two weeks. A look at polling post-election by Survation, the only pollsters to accurately predict the actual outcome, already puts Labour 6 points ahead. Simply put, if the election was re-run tomorrow Labour would surge into number 10 with a landslide majority.

Youth is on Labour’s side, research by YouGov based on 52,615 GB adults has Labour at a staggering 40-point lead over the Conservatives (66% vs 19%) for under 24s. A staggering increase in youth turnout has been deemed responsible for the surprise flip of Conservative safe seats Canterbury and Kensington. Kensington has never turned red in history. Political commentators have been fast to denounce the young as ‘ideological’, ‘inexperienced at life’ and ‘gullible’. However the Labour majority in voter intention extends far beyond university students hitching a free ride.

It’s what comes next that will keep Conservatives awake at night. Why Conservative ‘safe seats’ are no longer a thing.

Every age group until 49+ voted Labour by a sizeable margin, with +26 over the Conservatives in the 30-39 age bracket. That’s right, working people with mortgages, cars and kids have turned away from the idea of strong and stable leadership under an austerity driven government.

The Labour party offers hope to all of us. To the young Labour offers a chance to fulfil their potential without the lifelong shackles of debt. People in work are to benefit from the abolishment of zero hours contracts and a real living wage. No one will be left asking how they will pay next months rent. Pensioners afforded a protected retirement period where they can enjoy the rest of their days with respect and dignity, never in fear of the dreaded Dementia Tax.

In truth Labour’s vision extends much further than individual handouts. The changes surrounding wealth redistribution, renationalisation and a real challenge to neoliberal austerity economics will see the UK transformed. The fat cats, the landlords, the big six will all be forced to contribute to a fairer society. The cynics will say it’s not possible. To us living and working in today’s World will know it’s not just possible but essential.

Where does that leave the Conservatives?

Up a river without a paddle…

The Conservative core vote is dying out by the day, being replaced by generations looking to a brighter future. They have decisively lost the working vote, redonning the nasty party mantle in its place. A party devoid of ideas or motivation to improve the lives of people across the country. A manifesto of gruel and pain after seven years of rapidly falling living standards. The longest real wage depreciation on record. Given recent events the continued cuts to public services to fund tax cuts for the rich is sparking outrage. People will no longer accept austerity. They certainly won’t accept a weak and feeble Tory leader propped up by DUP extremists. Prepare for another General Election later this year and the Labour majority that will follow.


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