Yet another terrorist attack on British soil. Yet another attack in London. People are beginning to demand answers.

What we need is change. First and foremost, it is now time for us to increase spending for our defence budget. How can we do that? One way is to drastically rethink our foreign aid spending. I’m in complete approval of giving money to people who it will truly benefit, for example starving citizens in Ethiopia, but annually the United Kingdom sends millions of pounds to corrupt Governments right across the world. One country in particular is India, who spent £250 million sending off a rocket for their space programme, whilst claiming foreign aid. Not only that, but in just six years we have sent 4 million pounds worth of foreign aid to North Korea. This cannot go on any longer. It’s time to plough this money into defending our own country, and defending our own people. We also need to implement the deportation of people who are on the suspected terrorist list. By doing this, we would be removing these animals before they have the opportunity to strike. The Government should be giving police officers greater legal protection if they shoot terrorists. There are concerns that officers fear prosecution if they pull the trigger, but allowing officers to shoot to kill would strengthen our safety. We have had too much tolerance of this hateful ideology, and it’s time to up our game. We should introduce more controls in order for safe spaces on the internet to be eliminated, to stop hateful preaching occurring on social media and radicalising people in our society.

Obviously there is no simple answer to combatting terrorism, and more money isn’t always the answer to a problem. However increased defence funding would be a step in the right direction. It would give scope for more raids, more regulations, more investigations, more police and more people working in the shadows of the secret services to keep us safe. The courage shown by our emergency services is hugely admirable, and we need to help them even further to tackle terrorism head-on.

Two months ago, six people were killed on Westminster Bridge; two weeks ago, over 20 people were killed in Manchester, and on Saturday night 7 people were killed on London Bridge with many more injured. This is the third attack as in as many months.
The most important thing for us to acknowledge is that this cannot become normality. Deliberate and cowardly attacks like this are becoming more and more frequent here in Britain, and we have been told by some politicians that terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in a big city, which is anything but the truth. It’s time to put aside this political correctness, this virtue signalling, and get to the root of the problem.

Since I was present at attack on London in March, terrorism seems to have dominated our lives. When will it end? On the last two occasions I’ve watched the aftermath on the TV, and memories of my experience in Westminster have been brought to the forefront of my mind. I always remember, through all the chaos, seeing a small group of schoolchildren being rounded up by their teacher at Whitehall. Their faces were a complete picture of horror, sadness and fear. This is not an environment that I want our children to grow up in, to become accustomed to. Innocent minds of our younger and future generations must not be tainted by the brutal outside force that is Islamic State, and they must not be fearful about growing up in such a wonderful country.

Policy changes are the only way forward. Once again we’ve seen a myriad of different hashtags and Facebook filters, and while they have their place, the reality is that it will change nothing. Politicians telling the public to stand in solidarity will change nothing. Yes, unity in times like this is important, but stepping up our fight is equally as crucial. There can be no compromise – we are up against barbarians who will not stop until the end of western civilisation, until our freedom of speech has been quelled, until our democracy has been destroyed, and until every last one of us is lying in our own blood. I firmly believe that our true British resolve will always push us on in times like this, but it is up to those in power to ensure that normality means safety, not atrocity.


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