Stronger Opposition needed in the South of England


The Conservatives currently have a firm grip of the political territory over the majority of the South of England and the recent local elections only strengthened their hand, so what does the opposition parties need to do to make in roads?

Blue is the colour, in the world of politics across the South of England with council and parliamentary seats alike dominated by the Tories.

With a general election less than a month away, all the talk from the opposition parties of target seats barely mentions any of the constituencies in the Southern region.

A few exceptions to this are the Eastleigh and Southampton Test parliamentary seats, with the Liberal democrats trying to recapture the former and Labour fighting to hold onto the latter.

Both are on course to fail to hold of the Tory surge if the current polls are to be proven accurate, so what needs to change to win over the voters of the South?

Two main areas from the opposition parties perspectives are crucial to this, firstly highlighting the advantages of their policies to the people of the south’s day to day lives along side the disadvantages of the current Conservative party policies.

Secondly a much bigger desire for their vote is desperately needed, it almost comes across as there is an acceptance of a Tory win across southern constituencies in England.

An example of this is in my own area of Hampshire the New Forest, both seats in the area currently have 20,000 plus majorities for the Conservatives therefore regarded as very safe seats for the party.

The desire to change this from opposition parties appears nearly next to zero with only a sprinkle of Liberal Democrat resistance seen in the Hythe and Dibden areas.

Only the Tory party has posted literature through my door to date so the usually good Labour groundwork is falling well short in my local constituency of its usual standards so far.

In terms of policy there are certainly areas to pick up votes for both all the opposing candidates with the repealing of the hunting act angering even some local Conservative party associations.

Image result for local election results

A lack of strong opposition locally is just as harmful as a lack of one nationally.

Only the Southampton City Council currently held by Labour puts a dent in the sea of blue along the South coast.

Councils such as New Forest district Council and Winchester City Council are examples of the Tory strong holds in the area.

Local government has a far greater impact on peoples day to day lives than that of a national government.

Yet turnout of voters is dramatically less in local elections than in a general election.

This for me creates an opportunity for the opposition parties, to churn out voters locally to try and win seats at local level to build a foundation for a push and grinding down the big majorities in Conservative seats in the South.

The Tories are making in roads in the North both locally and nationally, yet Labour is not even close in the south as it stands.

This needs to change so that we have more balanced country and stronger oppositions in both central and local government.

Creating more accountability to the decisions that affect us all.



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