It seems that Kim Jong-Un has been ‘out-Trumped’ by The Donald at last. Emerging as confident and self-assured after receiving international praise for his air strikes against Syria and taking a tough stance against Russia, it seems the US President intends to venture where no US president has ever done before and eliminate the threat North Korea poses to the international community.

It’s strangely ironic that the US President criticised one of his many predecessors, George W. Bush, during his inauguration speech, but has now mirrored his foreign policy position in 2002. Bush made a speech to the US Congress that year outlining that he intends to defeat specific regimes, and North Korea was one that he labelled. Of course, an invasion of this country never materialised following the controversial Iraq War of 2003. But it seems the billionaire wants to finish off his work.

China wants to avert a potential war in Asia. But this country is North Korea’s biggest sponsor. Whilst China has a far from perfect human rights record, what is happening across the border is arguably far worse. If North Korea’s regime collapses, it is inevitable refugees will flood China and the latter will experience a humanitarian crisis similar to that in Europe. It is purely in China’s self-interest to discourage war because they would have to deal with the consequences, not America. Despite their cushy new friendship, President Xi Jinping might not be able to prohibit his American buddy from starting a war.

It is noble of Trump to want to end suffering across in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). His predecessor, Obama, failed to prevent the rise of ISIS and was too soft on Iran, North Korea and Cuba. The DPKR has been a menace to the global community for a considerably long period of time. They have antagonised the Americans with nuclear tests in 2006, 2009, 2013 and twice in 2016. People there are facing poverty on unimaginable scales. It is incredibly difficult to flee the terror Kim Jong-Un brings to his people. To do so is to risk your life and that of your family’s. Ousting dictators does not work in the Middle East, but it needs to be experimented with in North Korea before Kim Jong-Un launches a nuclear missile.

Yet we all know Trump has a big ego. That is not necessarily a bad thing; it helped steer him through business. After inheriting a mess from Obama, to be viewed as the man who cleaned it up will boost his ego further. To be able to go beyond his predecessors’ foreign policy stances, when he vowed to be different to them in January, and end the North Korean threat would be a substantial achievement. Despite the President’s administration refuting claims he is preparing to attack North Korea, Jong-un is determined to press ahead with his nuclear tests, which will only antagonise America further, making war more likely.

Trump has a golden opportunity to establish a new international consensus and alter the balance of power in the world. War with North Korea looks probable. But let’s hope the President does not fall into the trap of believing he can end all the world’s problems. We all learned from Iraq that this is a dangerous slippery slope to fall down. Nevertheless, at least he is not standing by and doing nothing like his predecessor did when America remains the world’s most powerful country. Let’s just hope he does not invade so many countries that he forgets to name them all in his next Fox interview.


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