Prime Minister Theresa May recently attended her last EU Summit before she finally triggers Article 50. But if anyone believes that Brexit is going to be an easy ride, think again. There are ardent Remoaners who will stop at nothing to derail our EU exit. And three guesses as to who the two main opponents will be- Nicky Morgan and Anna Soubry.

Whilst neither of them voted against Article 50, they have not suddenly converted to the Brexit cause. Morgan’s most recent intervention in the debate was a statement in February praising Brexit Secretary David Davis for laying out his plans in a White Paper instead of making a speech at Lancaster House, an obvious dig at her boss. Not a significant story, but still a criticism of the Prime Minister’s Brexit approach.

Soubry attempted to stage a rebellion with her Remoaner comrade, Ken Clarke, by leading a group of MPs who would try to wreck leaving the EU altogether when the Brexit Bill passed through committee stage in the House of Commons. Luckily, their plans failed, as demonstrated by the fact the Bill reached the House of Lords.

However, the House of Lords has recently amended the Brexit Bill. First, they wanted guarantees that EU citizens would be allowed to stay in Britain after April 2019, the date we are expected to leave. And recently, they altered the Bill with a request for a second referendum on the terms of May’s final deal. No doubt our infamous Tory Remoaners delighted at this prospect as the new ‘bastards’ persist in plotting to topple Brexit

Even though Soubry and Morgan are outnumbered by converted Tory Remain MPs, Tory Brexiteers, pro-Brexit Labour MPs Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, the DUP’s 10 MPs and UKIP’s Douglas Carswell, their fight will not cease in Parliament. We all know Morgan is not afraid of speaking against May whilst cowering out of an appearance on Have I Got News For You over a fashion feud. Soubry constantly laps media attention for her outspoken views on Brexit. And if the negotiations prove to be rockier than the Government expected, they will stop at nothing in hoping leaving the EU turns out to be a fallacy, an unworthy cause that drains the Prime Minister’s energy to the extent that she loses the will to keep fighting. And therefore, destroy our EU exit, proving the whole cause was for nothing.

And they have widespread support throughout the country. Whilst pro-EU groups have a democratic right to pursue their ‘struggle’ against Brexit, it is likely Soubry and Morgan will engage in a cross-party alliance over the next two years to derail our EU exit. After all, they have a natural audience with these Eurofanatics who are lobbying support from all parties.

Every Brexit step  will inevitably be scrutinised by the media. If our EU exit lingers beyond April 2019, if we have to leave on the premise of adopting World Trade Organisation rules, which many predict will harm our economy, and if we have to resort to membership of the European Economic Area, who will journalists call upon to make comments? Morgan and Soubry.

Who knows, perhaps if they kept their Cabinet positions last year, they might have exercised more loyalty to the Government. Nonetheless, Soubry and Morgan both deserved to be sacked. Soubry, for her pathetic tears at a pro-EU rally in the aftermath of Leave’s victory. And Morgan, for being the most insignificant education secretary we have witnessed in a while. But they are now scorned female backbenchers free to critique the Government, and we all know they have been relentless in their criticism since July 2016.

Soubry and Morgan may have lost the fight in Parliament and in the media, for now, but do not expect them to stop voicing their opinions after Article 50 has been triggered and Brexit, whether soft or hard, becomes irreversible. They may have lost the battle, but as far as they are concerned, they still have a war to win, and minds they hope to change.


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