The EU is destroying itself, not Trump

The EU is looking for someone to blame in regards to its own destruction, and Trump appears to be the target of that blame. But let's stop blaming their own destruction on him.


Who or what else is going to be blamed on the EU’s destruction before the Eurocrats take responsibility themselves? We all know that Putin and Trump both despise the superbloc, but these two global leaders cannot be blamed entirely on its own destruction because the EU is destroying itself.

Since his inauguration last month, the President has made extensive efforts to assure Prime Minister Theresa May that Britain will be at the front of the queue for a new trade deal between their respective countries. This is in stark contrast to their predecessors who stated that Britain will be at ‘the back of the queue’ in the event of a post-Brexit trade deal. Trump has stressed that he will not pursue a trade deal with the EU and this lack of support from the most powerful country in the world is certainly a significant external factor that throws into question the superbloc’s continued existence.

If the President is serious about embarking on a new relationship with Putin, who has opposed the EU’s moves to persuade the Ukraine to join the superbloc, then this leaves Merkel isolated. Not to mention the upcoming Brexit negotiations throwing into further doubt the trading bloc’s future.

It turns out the EU is only succeeding in fulfilling Trump’s desires of destroying itself without even trying.

In the upcoming month, the media’s eyes will be focused on Europe once again. Theresa May will trigger Article 50 and we will all know the outcome of the Dutch elections. But the latter is far more serious than one can expect. Geert Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party, is emerging as the favourite to win these elections. An article from The Spectator places a new political party called The Forum for Democracy in a powerful position to choose which party will govern Holland under their PR system, and the right-wing magazine expects them to choose Wilders’ party. If this happens, the Netherlands’ EU membership will cease to apply in the near future.

Greece is also starting to appear in newspapers’ headlines again. Athens and Brussels are currently trying to negotiate a third bailout, but there are talks of a Grexit which could result in Greece quitting the euro altogether. Since Italy rejected proposals to change their constitution in December 2016, there has been no talk in the mainstream media about the state of their economy since. These situations cannot linger forever and one must anticipate that one of these countries will ditch the euro this year.┬áSo this makes elections in Italy likely as well, which could result in the Five Star Movement gaining power and ending Italy’s membership of the single currency anyway.

If the French feel inspired to lead another revolution, then expect Marine Le Pen and the National Front to storm through their upcoming presidential elections. It is no secret that France has a long history of revolutions and that they take action when they are angry with the status quo. If this happens, then add another European country to the list of nations likely to quit the single currency and even quit the EU altogether if Le Pen wins a referendum that she promises to hold on EU membership.

The EU is struggling to survive because of problems that have been caused in the period prior to the 2008 Recession when the Maastricht Treaty established this superbloc. The global crash exposed the problems of uniting Europe’s currencies without a proper political union being implemented alongside monetary union. With all the dramas that have developed in between 2008 and Brexit, it is only a matter of poor timing for the Eurocrats that the world’s most powerful country has elected a man who does not wish to support its continued existence. As damaging as that is to Europe, do not blame the superbloc’s destruction on Trump; the EU has only started to destroy itself since the introduction of the single currency in 1999. And the rest is history.


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