The UN: Undemocratic Climate Fanatics

The UN has exercised far too much influence over our affairs, particularly in regards to climate change, that it is time we voted to leave this undemocratic club.


The UN is a dictatorial organisation that does its best to be a nanny to the world. It acts as an enforcer to those who disagree with it. It is deciding policy without any democratic mandate and we should all be concerned.

Some rather sensible nations have condemned its policies on climate change. Last year, the Australian Prime Minister’s chief business adviser said that climate change is a ruse led by the UN to gain more hegemony over nation states.

A few years ago, we were told that the icecaps were melting and at risk of disappearing altogether. This would inevitably lead to a rise in sea levels. Yet NASA’s latest figures have shown the extent of the ice to be at record levels. 2000 years ago it was so warm that we were able to grow grapes and olives in Scotland. 200 years ago the Thames would freeze so well you could skate on it in the winter months.

We do not, however, possess any accurate figures on temperatures at the time. What we are provided with now is evidence based on recent history. Science could probably help us discover more information, but unfortunately, universities will not spend money on debunking climate change. Their incomes often rely upon distributing “the correct” information and often they would rather lie about their discoveries.

The University of East Anglia in Norfolk was involved with what was described as “the worst scientific scandal of a generation”. The BBC has openly admitted it does not consider climate scepticism to be worthy of coverage and often allows bold lies from left luvvies on climate change to go unchallenged. You can find the article here in which the television watchdog gives the BBC a well deserved metaphorical slap.

One of the UN’s top figures on climate change has been accused numerous times of saying “democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming.”

 To keep the UN happy, we in the UK have signed up to numerous rules and regulations which have driven up the price of energy for ordinary people. Age UK has often complained of the large numbers of elderly people who die as a result of not being able to afford to heat their own homes. Unfortunately the charity will not address the elephant in the room that climate change policy is hitting the poorest hardest.

Research by found that 82% of the UK population had expressed a concern at being able to afford their energy bills throughout winter. This is completely unacceptable.

The poorest in our country are paying extortionate bills whilst nations like India and China pump out more carbon dioxide per day than we could ever tackle by reducing our own intake. The effect of taxes are now reducing consumption to such an extent it is actually dangerous for many people. Since when did any of us sign up to this?

Vote Leave promised during the EU Referendum that if we exited the EU, then VAT on energy bills would be scrapped. But considering the amount of influence that the UN has over the amount we pay in energy bills, perhaps it is time to consider also venting our frustrations at an organisation that has contributed towards trapping many of our poorest pensioners in fuel poverty?

The UN has far too much say in the affairs of nation states from people who were never elected to do anything and are totally unaccountable. Sound familiar? We told the EU where to go and maybe we should be doing the same with the UN. Considering this is an age where people are venting their frustrations towards undemocratic institutions and old establishments, the day may soon come when we evacuate from the UN.


  1. ” Yet NASA’s latest figures have shown the extent of the ice to be at record levels.”
    “…and often allows bold lies from left luvvies on climate change to go unchallenged…”

    The most human mistake of them all, I frequently fall for it too. We assume others behave as we do. Just because you are bold enough to reverse reality and go from second lowest amount to a new record high doesnt mean people all the people who disagree with you are also blatant liars.
    Not that I could when it comes to climate change, after all most of it IS science and can be understood instead of believed at which point lying about it is just silly.

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