Today at party conference UKIP members were invited to support a motion to replace the current UK foreign aid policy with a ‘Disaster Relief Aid’ policy.

“That UKIP investigates the cost benefits of substituting the UK ‘Foreign Aid Policy’ with ‘Disaster and Relief Aid’. The new Disaster and Relief Aid to be available both in the UK and abroad in times of crisis and natural disasters.”

The members present at the conference voted overwhelmingly in favour of passing the motion. This means the ruling body of the party is obliged to discuss it. It is worth pointing out of course that all the members have done in this case is ask the NEC to talk about something which is already party policy. The spirit of the motion, not verbatim, is within the 2015 general election manifesto.

3 other motions on House of Lords reform, changing the NEC to include representatives with regional ties and changing UKIP branches to be based on local authority wards rather than parliamentary constituencies. All of those motions were rejected.


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