Douglas Carswell: “Diane, I give You 110% of my Support”


Diane James told the conference she wasn’t interested in what has gone on before. The previous friction which had developed between Douglas and former leader Nigel Farage had attracted booing from other conference audiences and Diane, by saying this was setting the tone for how she wanted Douglas to be received.

Douglas praised Diane and thanked all of the activists and members who had helped us win the referendum. He said: “It takes a certain something for someone to offer themselves to lead not just a political party, but the 3rd largest party in British politics today”.

Douglas acknowledged the will of the members which had brought about this outcome: “The membership has now spoken and they’ve made a clear choice. We must all now rally behind Diane”

A senior party source commented to say “it’s the resounding sound of hatchets being buried”


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