Nigel Farage’s Final Speech As Leader – Keypoints


From the floor of today’s UKIP Conference, we saw Nigel Farage’s last speech as leader of UKIP.

Here are the key points from Nigel’s final speech:

• “I have a feeling it will be a ‘she’ “ – Nigel speaking about new leader heavily hinting that he expects a female candidate to win.

• Calls out Theresa May on her use of the phrase “people voted for ‘some’ control of immigration” – re-emphasising that he feels people voted to take full control of immigration.

• Believes Prime Minister Theresa May is likely to go for a ‘soft brexit’ and it is important for UKIP to keep up the pressure.

• Nigel commits to fully backing the new leader, standing foursquare behind the party and the new leader and on hand to help.

• Recommends outgoing chairman Steve Crowther for a seat in the House of Lords for his contribution to UKIP if UKIP can get anything like the equal number of 100 life peers of the Liberal Democrats.

• Believes the party is strong and united. Says people are happy to identify as UKIP voters and no longer shy about it.

• The ‘harvest’ of labour voters hasn’t really started yet. There were a lot of Labour voters who voted for Brexit and Labour isn’t talking to them.


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