The rise of the right


The results from Germany’s recent state election showed a dramatic rise in the vote share for right wing, anti immigrant politics in Germany and a rejection of Angela Merkel’s open door policy. This new politics however is not pure to Germany, right wing politics is rising all over the continent.

Austria almost had a far right President in their most recent election. UKIP won the UK’s last European Parliament elections and influenced Brexit, Marie Le Pen’s National Front have already achieved much at local and state level and will challenge at the next General Election.

Why of course is this happening is what all of the experts are asking, the answer is fairly obvious. The electorate are showing the politicians what happens if you try to force a social experiment of open door immigration and multiculturalism onto them.

Germany’s extremely open approach during the Refugee crisis and migration across Europe has been met with protests within Germany. German citizens are fearing for their safety after several terrorists attacks over the past year and incidents with migrants.

Immigration was also a central factor in Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. The rise of Nigel Farage’s UKIP was a signal to the Conservative Party that the policy towards Immigration needed to change.

Freedom of movement is arguably the most central part of the EU. The free movement of capital, goods and labour is essentially the backbone of the whole European Project. However, it’s been abused as a corridor to the wealthier nations of Europe from their poorer counterparts.

Following Britain’s decision to leave the EU and the rise of far right politics across the wider continent, it would not be at all surprising to see other nations also quit the union. If the discontent continues, it would seem likely that the entire project could have collapsed by 2050.

Open door immigration has changed the social make up of Britain, France and Germany. Their native citizens are discouraged at the rapid pace of change and the seemingly little consideration for natives.

If the European project is to survive, if politicians like Merkel are to stay in office, they need to wake up.

The public will not take this anymore. The politics of multiculturalism is dead.

The first role of any government is to protect its citizens. Put simply, with an open door to the rest of Europe and bordering the middle east and beyond, citizens don’t feel safe. The unchecked migration has lead to some terrorists being able to get through the back door.

Voters will continue to reject further integration and politicians who aim for it.

Of course, we mustn’t attribute all this to Brexit. It is worth remembering that the rise of right wing politics across Europe was well underway prior to the referendum as was a growing anti-immigration sentiment. We can’t take all the credit.

However, the choice made by Britain back in June was the first blatant sign that the EU cannot continue in its present state. As Britain withdraws and adopts a more sensible immigration policy, will other nations choose to join us?

Nobody’s saying we need to close up the drawbridges, there clearly are benefits to immigration after all. We should admire people who want to come to our shores to offer innovation or talent, or just a better life for themselves. Those kind of people are the best of humanity.

But in a country where we already have a problem with a declining work ethic, we cannot be adding to that any further. Britain needs an immigration policy that works for the world but also its citizens.

Europe must change, or it will fall too.



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