If you want to see a Tory under 30 squirm just ask them about ‘Conservative Future’. The dastardly youth wing of the party who’s executive were suspended last year after a bullying scandal.

The future of Conservative Future is a bit up in the air. Ask the ex CCHQ staffers of the youth wing like Ben Howlett MP and they’ll tell you it’s probably dead, over and probably not coming back. Yet with the onslaught of new students and University Freshers Fairs fast approaching, you may see a couple of gangly (probably male) second or third year students sitting behind a table with a few pens on it, wearing their Tory tree rosettes proudly as they debate the finer points of David Cameron’s recent premiership, whilst claiming this is the university branch of Conservative Future.

Conservative Future was full of activists and people claiming to work for their elected officials when in fact they did a week in their office dealing another slightly older constituent moaning over the high level of immigrants coming to Britain.

The point I’m trying to make is that, to me, Conservative Future was two things: a group of young enthusiastic activists willing to canvass 200 doors a night, and another excuse to hire out a function room at Christmas, fill it full of cheap booze, get drunk and try to get with the attractive Tory girl, when in fact she’s probably already dating someone – and no I don’t speak from experience here!

Whilst the Conservative Party should be focused on increasing their youth membership, allowing everyone from the 14 year olds to the 30 year olds be in Conservative Future was a mistake. In my opinion, if the Tories ever revive a youth wing, it should be student focused, where you know young people will be, instead of setting up a branch in devastatingly rural seats where only the overly dedicated attend the AGM’s in hope they get a position on the executive.

The problem those at CCHQ have is the party’s future. When the beasts of today: the Theresa May’s and the Jacob Rees-Moggs leave the Commons, who will take over? Who are the next MPs, Cllrs and Ministers? Who truly is the Conservative’s Future?


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