Black Lives Matter Bring Their Brand of Terrorism To The UK


The Met Police was called to London City Airport at around 5:30am after protesters managed to somehow gain access to the runway using a rubber dinghy to get across Canary Wharf. Considering what has happened in France and across Europe recently this is disgraceful enough in itself.  The City Airport is popular with bankers and business professionals due to its proximity to Canary Wharf in London Docklands so perhaps this is why the BBC has not condemned the protestors.

We may laugh at how everything has become “racist” but apparently now even climate change is racist (not that I believe climate change is man-made, or that even if it was that us in Britain can do anything whilst China and India pump out the amount of Co2 they currently do).

“Black people are the first to die, not the first to fly, in this racist climate crisis” said the movement after today’s protest. I wonder if the Crown Prosecution Service will be looking to take atoms and molecules to court some time soon.

Black Lives Matter UK believes that black people are 28% more likely to be exposed by air pollution. Where this figure comes from I am completely unable to find, assumedly this must mean the movement believes that black people cannot tolerate air pollution. Certainly not as well as their Asian and White friends whom make up 69% of the rest of the population in the Borough of Newham near the airport. That or they wilfully ignore facts, just like their American counterparts who ignore black on black crime and the fact that more white people are killed by police officers than black people. In America they seem to have confused poverty with race, let us not do the same in Great Britain.

Young black men have suffered terribly at the hands of unrestricted European migration, Britain has let down the children and Grandchildren of the Windrush generation who came to the UK to fill job vacancies, but now they too have been priced out by cheap foreign labour. No talk of this from Black Lives Matter.

The Metropolitan Police have also acted rather disgracefully by being soft on a group of people whom have broken on to private property, caused financial loss to individuals and businesses and have tried to stoke up racial tensions. If the Police are not their to protect property and individuals from harm, then they are as good as useless.

Imagine what would have happened had the protesters been from someone like Fathers for Justice. They would have been swiftly arrested and condemned, yet the Met Police are yet to arrest anyone at the time of writing and were negotiating with the extreme group. Incredible when you consider how much the police are cracking down on words that hurt with London Mayor Khans focus on “hate crime.”

We cannot let this violent and dangerous group to take hold in the same way it has in America. If we allow the perpetrators off lightly we are opening the door to more of the same and this is just unacceptable. Government and Police get your act together and condemn the actions of these extremists before more people’s lives are inconvenienced and we end up being seen as a soft touch for any extreme group that wants to disruptively protest.


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