We’ve reached the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. 350 years ago, a fire that started in a bakery went on to decimate parts of one of the world’s biggest cities. Yet, London rose again, and it is a tribute to its people that the city is so resilient.

Throughout its long and turbulent past, London has always remained. It has stood in the face of the Great Fire, the Black Death, the Blitz and 7/7. It has hosted some of the world’s most fascinating sporting events, been the home of culture, art and music for hundreds of years.

London is where Shakespeare performed theatre in ways that would change not only the industry, but language for the rest of time. London is where Charles Dickens wrote many of his world famous novels that are still loved today.

London stood in defiance to Hitler, when many other European cities had fallen. It took night after night of demolition at the hands of the Luftwaffe, it united and shone as an example to the rest of Britain, and to the world.

When the dark cloak of terrorism shrouded the city in 2005, the city stood united. In only a true London fashion, people took the tube the very next day, as one commuter famously said “I don’t want to provoke anything, but we were bombed by the Nazis, they’re going to have to do better than that.”

The city has survived political instability at home and abroad and transformed itself from once the home of industry, to the world’s financial centre. It remains one of the most important and well known cities in the entire world and a shining beacon of example.

London is a city in which we can all take immense pride. It has embraced change, diversity and turmoil without compliant.

From the poorer boroughs of the East End, to the wealthier theatre land of West London, the city remains united. Now, as we move forward into this post-Brexit Britain, London will lead the way.


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