North Korea is testing Nuclear weapons and this week tested a launch from a submarine. So what?

North Korea is the least known place on the surface of the Earth, with a population of around 25 million, it is totally dedicated to Communism. The state controls everything, from housing to jobs, it produces nothing the rest of the world wants and the currency is of very little value.

This is why we are told to fear them, because we do not really know much about them other than their Communist ideology which was cleverly crafted by Kim Il Sung between 1948 to 1994, with the state media controlled to perfection to ensure compliance. It is almost a social experiment, cut off from the rest of the world and given only news that the state agrees to. In the 90s, with the fall of the Soviet empire, a big financial ally, the nation was thrown in to turmoil as inevitably socialism stopped working as it ran out of other peoples money. People starved, as they have in Venezuela, Cambodia and in Russia, wherever Communism has taken hold and inevitably failed. Now China funds Korea so it may act as a buffer state between them and the more “Westernised” South Korea and Japan.

Remember when North Korea hacked us and they were going to blow up Cinema screens that showed The Interview, and Obama would be assassinated? Of course you don’t—because none of these things happened despite the apocalyptic media predictions.

The North Korean state will have watched with interest as the West conquered Iraq for not falling in line, remember all their weapons of mass destruction that never materialised?  We interfered with a murderous, but secular Government and since then the Middle East became more unstable than ever thanks to warring factions of one religion wanting supremecy. Korea has chosen to isolate itself; it wants to be on its own and understands to keep the rest of us from interfering it needs a nuclear deterrent.

Everyone’s favourite war mongerers for Western Governments have done their best to highlight human rights abuses, that’s Amnesty International by the way who have been condemned by Governments on almost every Continent from the USA, Sri Lanka, Russia, China, Vietnam and Israel. How they manage to know what is going on their when they have never been nor seen anything is a mystery.

Some Koreans have defected and told us about terrible goings on, but how reliable is their testimony? Many North Korean defectors have been caught out lying and it is no surprise when cash incentives and the western media’s endless appetite for scandalous stories encourage refugees to exaggerate.

The current North Korean leader introduces a new haircut to choose from in the state guide for haircuts and it is reported that Koreans have been forced to all wear that hairstyle. Oddly we have yet to see pictures of thousands of Korean men wearing it, why? Because yet again we have exaggerated the little news we get from Korea.

One defector,Kwon Hyuk, told US Congress that he was an intelligence officer at the DPRK embassy in Beijing and had witnessed human experiments in political prisons. This was a significant factor in the US decision to pass the North Korea Human Rights Act in 2004.

The tale later retold in a BBC “documentary”  12 years ago, was actually condemned by North Koreas fiercest enemy South Korea,  which argued that he never had access to such information. Kwon has since disappeared from the public eye.

The Korean people have been indoctrinated from a young age to believe in the doctrine set down by its leaders, no matter how incoherent. How is that any different from what we do in the West? We are told Government is good, that we need a nanny state, that the fruits of our labour need to be taken by the Government for society to work. We are already criminalised by “hate speech” if we speak out of turn, so how exactly are we better?

Do we treat our citizens who undermine our state any better? Remember Dr David Kelly who died in mysterious circumstances because of what he had to say about Iraq? From the outside looking in, we have absolutely no right to act as the World Police.

You could write a hundred articles on nonsense the BBC has peddled as news or fact. Do not forget the BBC and mainstream media were fervently against Brexit and used their own propaganda to try and force us to think a certain way. Our schools teach our children to accept Government Authority, our University lecturers indoctrinate students to come round to the lefts way of thinking by teaching a biased syllabus and the Government continues to insist it needs to intrude ever further in to our lives.

North Korea is just another state that indoctrinates its citizens. Korea believes that it needs a nuclear deterrent to keep people from interfering with their self proclaimed socialist paradise. It has seen how we have acted in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam and is asserting its right to self determination. Korea has tested just a handful of Nuclear missiles, the US over a thousand, Russia, France and the UK have tested hundreds. The Koreans spend a paltry $6 Billion US Dollars a year on the military, do you really believe it would try to stand up to the rest of the world and launch a nuclear weapon? The country would be decimated within days in retaliation. From Koreas perspective it needs a deterrent to keep people away. We do not see thousands of North Koreans flooding out of the country for their lives; despite a population of 25million we do not have a Korean refugee crisis.

If Korea does not want to be involved with the rest of the world, it is their prerogative, many of the alleged abuses come from the fact that Western International organisations are not allowed to enter. It is about time we stopped worrying about Korea and let them get on with it, Communists states always fail and so will Korea.


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