Hillary Clinton is far from perfect in terms of policy, personality and experience but she has to be the next US President. To defend affordable healthcare, to make the needed gun reform, to keep a woman’s choice for abortion legal and for many more policies Hillary Clinton needs to win the Presidency. When we compare Clinton and Trump it is unrecognisable with Trump’s xenophobic bigotry that appeals to the worse section of humanity. Many people have now suggested that the ex New Mexico Governor and 2012+2016 Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is the logical alternative but does Johnson need to win to make his mark on US politics.

With Trump as the Republican candidate it has led many ‘so called’ conservatives to endorse him and abandon all hope that any kind of compassionate conservatism can be achieved. Republicans that endorse Trump for the sake of party unity are ridiculous as Trump is not a conservative, he is a populist demagogue that is stirring up community tensions not just in race relations but between age groups as young people are now uniformly rallying against Trump.

However, some GOP conservatives have taken the much more honourable and logical route of endorsing and supporting Gary Johnson for President and Bill Weld for Vice President on the Libertarian ticket. One such GOPer is Representative Scott Rigell for Virginia’s 2nd District. Now Scott Rigell isn’t perfect as well due to his opposition to gay marriage, Obamacare and abortion rights but Rigell has seen that Trump politics is a deadly concoction of hatred, anger but most of all failure.

It is near impossible for Trump to win after calling Hispanics, the key swing demographic vital in election wins, rapists and murderers but what many GOPers now should do is what Rigell has done, to endorse Johnson and hang an anchor of death around Trump and Trump-politics to ensure that this style and type of politics can be killed off for a generation at least if not forever. Gary Johnson does have many popular bipartisan policies on supporting a woman’s right to choice, on supporting the right of gays to marry and on opposing the death penalty. These are logical reforms that embody the conservative positions of getting government out of the lives of ordinary people wherever possible and to shrinking the scope and scale of the state. If the GOP ever want to win then they need to at least begin to embrace these principles and these policies.

But I do not believe that a Gary Johnson presidency would be the best outcome of the election for America though and that is the critical distinction to be made here. Gary Johnson should get a strong vote share in this election but should not win this election. Gary Johnson’s position on removal of government from healthcare, his ardent opposition to gun reform and his belief in free-market solutions to nearly all things are not the right policies as it does not accept that while the Government doesn’t need to be involved in some parts of society, there are key sections in which the need for Government intervention is vital to achieve a more prosperous and more equal society.

What I suggest is that to shake up the landscape of US politics Johnson needs to get a good showing in the election. This vote would shake up the Republicans to forcibly change message on immigration and key social issues as if the GOP embraced the Libertarian position on allowing ,what can be considered more socially liberal, policies by saying it is not government position to be involved. However this would be important to shake up the Democrats into backing for fiscally responsible policies but most importantly it will push them into whole heartedly endorsing strongly liberal policies from a Libertarian perspective picking up more ex-GOP voters rather than holding them at arms length, policies like marijuana legalisation and defence of civil liberties.

While I have always preferred the Democrats, in this election cycle I haven’t been directly enthused and I have been able to look at the policies of both Republicans and Democrats, praising and condemning both. From the positive rejection of Trump politics by Republicans like Governor John Kasich during the primary stages and also the new movement created by Bernie Sanders. But since the parties have selected their candidates I have become more unable to stay independent as most people have when Trump’s vile neo-fascism has become untouchable and Clinton has positioned herself as the liberal champion for tolerant freedom. However both candidates have been uninspiring and Gary Johnson’s new explosion onto the political scene have shown to me that Johnson’s ideas have to be picked up by both parties, yet Hilary has to beat Trump and that is why Johnson can only get a good showing rather than winning.


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