We’ve successfully secured the United Kingdom’s democratic and political future by voting to leave the European Union. But now, more than ever, our guard must not be left down. It was reported this week that SNP MPs could block any UK Government plan for Brexit unless it contained “special arrangements” for Scotland. This cynical power grab from Nicola Sturgeon is the latest move in her surreptitious, and largely successful, scheme to appoint herself as the co-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

So how, you might ask, have we allowed our democracy to be so perverted and warped that we effectively have two Prime Ministers?

Well, no seizure of power occurs by one group without stupidity or indifference from another. In this case our Westminster MPs, largely compromised of scoundrels and invertebrates, have ignored the SNP’s salami-tactics in slowly extracting power from Parliament. 

The handing over of the powers over planning, conservation at sea and the Scottish railways in the early 2000’s seemed like harmless concessions to Scottish MPs who needed to appear to be controlling things in order to get re-elected to a ‘parliament’ which at the time was little more than a city council. But these relatively minor concessions both laid the foundations and aroused the appetite for the disastrous Scotland Act of 2016, which has acted as the informal appointment of Nicola Sturgeon as co-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

As a result, Sturgeon now has full power over roads, the railways, consumer advocacy, oil extraction, gas extraction, police, Scottish Ofcom, removable taxes, benefits, income tax, employment policy and a cheque for 50% of the VAT raised in Scotland. So, having surrendered so much of the constitutional power of Westminster to the SNP, is it any wonder that Sturgeon feels so emboldened and empowered that she may hold the future of the United Kingdom to ransom in exchange for yet more powers? And, more importantly, will we allow her to do so?

I hope anyone who holds our United Kingdom dear will be looking very closely at how Theresa May answers this question. David Cameron’s appalling policy on Scottish Nationalism was merely a policy of appeasement until he could gracefully leave office, much like his policy for euro-scepticism. The only difference is that while the powers he ‘took back’ from the EU were meagre and irrelevant, the powers he gave to Scotland were substantial and significant. May now has the very important task of reversing these two transfers of power and restoring the democratic power of our Westminster parliament.

If Mrs. May is successful, then we can begin to weaken the SNP and build on the superb work of Ruth Davidson by bringing Scottish voters back to the Conservative Party. Perhaps we will even see the SNP finally relegated to the steel dustbin of political history, joining the other power-hungry (and, incidentally, UK hating) nationalists from across Europe that were largely discarded in the 20th Century.


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