On Sunday God Save the Queen was played more often than on any day at an Olympics for 108 years.  Gold medals in cycling, rowing and another gold for Andy Murray in the tennis.   The first Olympic golf champion for 112 years.  Mo Farah, the first British man to win 3 gold medals on the track.  Most impressive of all was Max Whitlock, the first British gymnast to be on the top step of the podium in history.  Sensational Sunday as I think it should be known, was one of our finest sporting achievements.

It comes at the beginning of a glorious new era for Britain.  An era not just on the sporting stage, but one in which our country is fast becoming the greatest country in the world.  After 40 years of being resigned to Brussels we are finally shaking off the shackles of the EU of which left us subservient to an unelected elite.  Our culture and technical industries have recently become second to none across the world.  And as a country we are finally forcing socialism and its toxic ideals to die a slow and painful death.  Even the weather has picked up!  In so many ways our country is unrecognisable from how it was 20 years ago.

Cast your minds back to 1996.  Team GB was struggling to earn a single gold medal in Atlanta, in Europe the federalists were tightening their grip on our nation lining us up for membership of the single currency and a European super state and possibly worst of all, we were a few months away from 13 long years of Tony Blair and the lying of New Labour.

It looked to be getting worse too.  Over the first few years of the new millennium we had the Iraq war, the credit crunch and an erosion of our civil liberties.  The New Labour lying machine rattled on in government.  People were getting angrier and angrier, fed up of politicians promising lots and delivering nothing.  Their frustration quietly bubbled under the surface until this June, it erupted.

Brexit was the most momentous decision taken by the British public in the last 50 years, a chance for Britain to be open and outward looking. Finally able to grasp the opportunities that an increasingly global world is creating.  If we able to trade freely with the fastest growing nations in Asia, Africa and South America, the next 20 years will be a new golden age for our economy.

Our political system, it is looking increasingly likely, is undergoing a historic political realignment with the Labour party in its last few death throws.  With this there may never be another socialist government in Britain again. Socialist parties could become as impotent as our Olympic team in 1996.  This is an opportunity a Conservative prime minister must grasp.

Thankfully we have such leader.  Mrs May has the forceful single-mindedness to succeed in her quest to make Britain great.  But she must ensure she learns the lesson of the last 20 years.  She must predominantly make sure that unlike Blair, her government gives power back to the people not take it away.  Under New Labour millions of people were left on the scrapheap, dependant on the welfare state, their freedom taken away.  Mrs May must work tirelessly to ensure her government gives these people hope.  The hope that they can earn their own money and spend it how they want without the state interfering.

Like our Olympic success story, our road to freedom and opportunity will be a tough one.  There will be many false starts and hurdles to overcome.  But the prime minister must remain in the correct lane and have the finish line in her sights.  In doing this and embracing the ideas of freedom, opportunity and democracy that originally made Britain great, Theresa May can lead our nation to a new golden era.

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I am currently a third year student studying theoretical physics at the University of Manchester. I am currently the chair of Manchester Conservative Future where we fight, nearly in vain, for conservatism in Manchester. My central political belief is that people should be free to make decisions about their own life, not to have those decisions made by the state. I despise the politics of envy and as someone who was brought up in a working class household, I feel that people from all backgrounds should be able to achieve through hard work.


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