One Nation: a phrase coined by Benjamin Disraeli, reiterated ever since.

To many, the ideals of Conservatism in Britain changed during the late 1970s, conventions carried on throughout the 1980s. The rise of the Iron Lady was met with a mixed reception. Huge proportions of the North still curse her name, whilst those who benefited from her legislative changes, still hold her Premiership in the highest regard.

Enter me. A conservative. Someone you may feel would applaud the every motive of Mrs Thatcher and her three respective administrations. Alas, here is thrown a curveball. I am no Thatcherite. Some may say, how can it be so? A conservative who does not adhere to Thatcherism? Isn’t that now the only school of policy making adopted by the party?

Sorry to disappoint you, but, I like to follow more traditional conservative principles. Yes, I do believe in some neo-liberal ideas as I am a child of the 1990s – I’ve been raised in that sort of world. Nevertheless, I have also been raised to be a free spirit by my Liberal leaning parents. I also fundamentally believe in the idea of community, an idea discarded by Mrs T. I am a Thatcherite’s worst nightmare, a true, steadfast, One Nation conservative.

Across the pond, the greatest ever One-Nation Republican President, Abraham Lincoln once remarked; “Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be”. Like Prime Minister Disraeli, President Lincoln, implemented some of the most groundbreaking legislative changes during the 19th century for the benefit of the working classes. The general misconception is that we Tories don’t do the whole ‘looking out for the poor’ very well. I have news for people who think like that. I have been a blue collar worker driving a fork lift truck, to a white collar worker, performing my clerking duties in law on a daily basis. Having worked in both arenas, I am aware of the obvious differences between both sets of stereotypes and that is all they are, stereotypes. People like to pigeonhole other people. It makes their understanding of society a lot easier.

Well, I don’t think like that. I believe in another type of person. Individuals.

The pursuit of the individual is the greatest attribute known to human kind. It is we who make things possible. It is probably no surprise that I am no fan of big government. My personal belief is that we can actually (get this) have small government and see it work! There are some core departments which society needs. These are the Chancellory, Business, Health and Education Departments, the Home and Foreign Offices, Justice and by no means last, Defence. None of these should be played around in a hotbed fashion. Yet, other departments, could be diluted in favour of devolution. Yes…I’m promoting a return to the Nightwatchman State of yesteryear.

As an impassioned One Nation Tory, I want to see local people taking local decisions, based purely on the traditional values they hold dear to them. I am an Anglican and don’t feel we adhere strongly enough to our Anglo-Christian values. The core basis of our laws take their foundation from the teachings of Christ. Before the hate brigade come out in force, I must stress that I am certainly not anti-multicultural, but, we should not lose our identity.

I’m British. Yes, I’m an Internationalist, but first and foremost, I want Britain to lead in the world. I want our peoples, both home grown and adopted sons and daughters of Britain to be the winners of tomorrow. No matter the colour of your skin, no matter what socio-economic background you were raised in, I want everyone to get on. Hardly anti-poor is it?

One Nation Conservatism is based on an idea of hope. It is adaptable, whilst not losing sight of the great traditions which build a nation’s soul. Ronald Reagan famously recited that, “It was morning in America again”, during his 1984 campaign. I believe that today, tomorrow and every day from now on in for a post-Brexit Britain, could be a good morning.

Time to bring back one nation conservatism that works for the many and not the few…


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