It is pure fantasy to think all celebrities support the Democrats and hate Trump. The way the mainstream media reports politics, you would be forgiven for thinking that is true.

Take the Democratic National Convention (D.N.C.) last week. Where were the celebrities endorsing Trump at the Republican National Convention? They were nowhere to be seen. But at the D.N.C., they rolled out Katy Perry to ‘roar’ the crowds into supporting Hillary Clinton.

Prior to the D.N.C., Paper reported that 100 celebrities have united in a campaign to stop Trump, or what they refer to as the ‘impending apocalypse.’ This campaign have given themselves the fancy title of United Against Hate to use their magic powers of ‘our voice and the power of our vote to defeat Donald Trump.’

Some of the famous supporters of this campaign include: Lena Dunham, Mark Ruffalo, Shonda Rimes, Kerry Washington, Meg Ryan and Russell Simmons. Who even are these people?

Also, George Clooney, the self-proclaimed liberal, boasted in April this year that he raised an ‘obscene’ amount of money for Hillary Clinton. Good for him.

Despite all the celebrities that lined up to support the Stronger In campaign here in Britain, their desperate plea to rescue the arts industry from a vote to leave the EU had minimal impact. The Leave side won and the majority of British people who voted stuck their two fingers up to these clueless celebrities who fail to understand what it is like to have your job chances destroyed by the excessive free movement of workers, or the destructive impact that the Common Fisheries Policy has on our precious fishing industry. The last time we all checked, films are still being made here in Britain after we voted to leave the EU, right?

So who really cares whether or not the majority of celebrities support a political party, or in the case of the EU Referendum, one side over another? The truth is that in the grand scheme of things, it makes very little difference to the average voter.

“I would rather sleep with Donald Trump,” said one woman in Die Hard 3, released in 1995, when asked to do something by her boss in the hit action film. It is clear the media have been trying to trash him with references like this since the 1990s.

Still, it is not all bad news for Trump and the Republicans in regards to celebrity support. Trump has actually received endorsements from numerous celebrities. Some of them are as low-profile as the list of celebrities who joined United Against Hate, but at least Trump does have some support in Hollywood where you will find his vandalised plaque.

Well, talking about Die Hard funnily enough, Bruce Willis is a die-hard fan of Trump’s. Willis appeared on Jimmy Fallon wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

Jessica Simpson, back in her glory days as a singer and film star in the 2000s, endorsed George W. Bush in 2004. This year, she continues to remain an avid Republican supporter even with Trump as their candidate.

Sylvester Stallone has been a Republican donor and supporter since the Reagan days. And continues to raise money for conservative causes even with Trump leading the Republicans this year.

Ted Nugent, the legendary rock-and-roll star, said: “Donald Trump’s message sings to Americans because he doesn’t play politically correct brain-dead games. He calls them like he sees them. That’s refreshing to millions of Americans who believe political correctness is a public cancer that has eroded free speech and everything else good about America.”

Robert Davi, another former Die Hard actor, said that Trump is the ‘John Wayne’ of US politics who will ‘tell it like it is’ if he became President. He also backed John McCain in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections.

The list goes on in terms of celebrities who either back Trump, or have supported the Republicans in the past. Ultimately, it does not matter either which celebrities or how many of them support a certain party or side in a referendum, but the votes of those who are most affected by the issues these parties and sides discuss. This is not a ringing endorsement for Trump. But please, let us end this fantasy once and for all that all celebrities in America seem to be supporting the Democrats at the moment, because it is just not true.





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