Diane James is seen as the favourite to win the UKIP leadership race and the future for UKIP would look bright under her leadership.

Mrs James said: “I will lead UKIP to ensure that we have a laser focus on how the government is implementing its ‘Brexit means Brexit’ promises, so that we can control both our own borders and negotiate quality bi-lateral trade deals.”

Mrs James has promised to build upon the achievements of Nigel Farage in ensuring voters who feel left behind are reconnected to the democratic process.

Despite this, it is not just her promise to ensure the Government delivers Brexit that make her worthy of being leader, but her experience at winning elections too.

Before becoming an MEP for East England in 2014, Mrs. James almost became the party’s first MP after coming second in the 2013 Eastleigh by-election. This shows that she has the ability to win a considerable amount of support for Ukip.

Mrs. James can provide a powerful voice for UKIP in the European Parliament and across the country whilst the negotiations to negotiate an adequate Brexit deal are being negotiated. This is something George Connolly, UKIP activist in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, supports as the new leader of the party has to be scrutinising the Government’s decisions with a fine tooth comb as well as ensure UKIP continue to have a say over the deal when it is being debated in the European Parliament.

Mr. Connolly says: “I think UKIP will take a huge proportion of ex Labour voters simply because the Labour Party has deserted them. I believe UKIP will make some serious gains in local government and take many Labour seats in the north.”

However, UKIP members are yet to be impressed by all the leadership candidates. There is a civil war looming in UKIP as allies of Farage and Steven Woolfe are requesting an Extraordinary General Meeting to remove UKIP’s National Executive Committee. However, if this fails to happen, they will do everything they can to stop Lisa Duffy. Mrs. James is the only credible choice for UKIP as a result of these circumstances.

But Mr. Connolly is undecided between Mrs. James and another leadership rival, Jonathan Arnott. The result is not quite in the bag for Mrs. James yet as many voters are still undecided.

UKIP under Mrs. James can ensure Brexit becomes a reality. If she becomes leader, the future looks positive for UKIP. With Mrs. James as leader, UKIP would still have a purpose and they would be preserving Farage’s legacy in ensuring that Britain does leave the EU and holding Westminster politicians to account. UKIP would still be able to reach out to disillusioned voters in the north with Mrs. James as leader. Without her, there is every chance UKIP will be consigned to the dustbin of political history.


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